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The BMW M20 is a SOHC straight-six petrol engine which was produced from 1977 to 1993. It was introduced eight years after the larger BMW M30 straight-six engine, which remained in production alongside the M20. The first cars to use the M20 were the E12 5 Series and the E21 3 Series. The initial M20 model had a displacement of 2.0 L 122 cu in, with later versions having displacements of up to 2.7 L 165 cu in. The M20 began to be phased out following the introduction of the M50 engine in 1990. The final M20 engines were fitted to the E30 3 Series wagon estate and convertible model built in ...

Digital Invoice Customs Exchange (DICE)

The Digital Invoice Customs Exchange is a revenue protection idea developed to prevent tax evasion methods such as sales suppression in domestic trade and missing trader fraud, transfer pricing in cross-border trade. As such, the implementation of this idea enables Revenue Authority to have advance notice of every commercial transaction. Definition of the term "DICE" is: A technology-intensive tax compliance regimen for VAT/GST that utilizes invoice encryption to safeguard transactional data exchanged between seller and buyer in both domestic and import/export contexts while simultaneously ...

Great Rebuilding

A Great Rebuilding is a period in which a heightened level of construction work, architectural change, or rebuilding occurred. More specifically, W. G. Hoskins defined the term "The Great Rebuilding" in England as the period from the mid-16th century until 1640. Hoskins initial theory held that during this period, improved economic conditions in England led to the expansion, rebuilding or architectural improvement of a large number of rural buildings. The precise time period, extent and impact of "The Great Rebuilding" is contested. Ronald Brunskill accepts that in much of England it spann ...

Atilla Engin

Atilla Engin was a Turkish American fusion jazz drummer. From 1974 to 2001 he was active in Denmark as a musician and educator; he organized music festivals and represented Denmark as a musical ambassador. In 2001, he left Denmark for the United States, where he formed an orchestra.

Martin Foley (politician)

Martin Peter Foley:0) is an Australian politician. He has been a Labor Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly since 2007, representing Albert Park. He has been Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Equality and Minister for Creative Industries in the Andrews Ministry since October 2018. Foley was born in Mornington. He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts history and politics in 1987 from Monash University and received a Master of Commerce in 2000 from the University of Melbourne. From 1988–2003 he worked with the Australian Services Union before becoming chief of staff to the sta ...

X engine

An X engine is a piston engine with four banks of cylinders around a common crankshaft, such that the cylinders form an "X" shape when viewed from front-on. The advantage of an X engine is that it is shorter than a V engine of the same number of cylinders, however the drawbacks are higher weight and complexity as compared to a radial engine. Therefore the configuration has been rarely used. Several of the X engine designes were based on combining two V engines.

Cyclone Mark V Engine

The Cyclone Mark V Engine is a steam engine in which the engine, steam generator, condenser and feed pump are integrated into a single compact unit. The company Cyclone Power Technologies of Pampano Beach, Florida was founded by inventor Harry Schoell to develop and market this engine. The Cyclone Mark V Engine is a six cylinder radial uniflow engine of two inch bore and two inch stroke. Pistons are single acting. The engine is claimed to produce 100 hp at 3600 rpm using steam at 3200 psi and 1200 °F.

Stationary steam engine

Stationary steam engines are fixed steam engines used for pumping or driving mills and factories, and for power generation. They are distinct from locomotive engines used on railways, traction engines for heavy steam haulage on roads, steam cars, agricultural engines used for ploughing or threshing, marine engines, and the steam turbines used as the mechanism of power generation for most nuclear power plants. They were introduced during the 18th century and widely made for the whole of the 19th century and most of the first half of the 20th century, only declining as electricity supply and ...

Traction engine

A traction engine is a self-propelled steam engine used to move heavy loads on roads, plough ground or to provide power at a chosen location. The name derives from the Latin tractus, meaning drawn, since the prime function of any traction engine is to draw a load behind it. They are sometimes called road locomotives to distinguish them from railway locomotives – that is, steam engines that run on rails. Traction engines tend to be large, robust and powerful, but heavy, slow, and difficult to manoeuvre. Nevertheless, they revolutionized agriculture and road haulage at a time when the only a ...

Three-spool engine

The turbofan or fanjet is a type of airbreathing jet engine that is widely used in aircraft propulsion. The word "turbofan" is a portmanteau of "turbine" and "fan": the turbo portion refers to a gas turbine engine which achieves mechanical energy from combustion, and the fan, a ducted fan that uses the mechanical energy from the gas turbine to accelerate air rearwards. Thus, whereas all the air taken in by a turbojet passes through the turbine, in a turbofan some of that air bypasses the turbine. A turbofan thus can be thought of as a turbojet being used to drive a ducted fan, with both of ...

Babz Chula

Babz Chula was an American-born Canadian actress. Chula spent her early childhood in the working-class neighbourhood of Jamaica, N.Y., but her widowed mother, Abby Zuckerman, a booking agent for Leonard Bernstein, moved her two young children, first to Hawaii and then to California, to pursue work in the entertainment field after Chulas father, Larry Zuckerman, an auto mechanic and stock-car racer, was killed in a car race. Growing up in Los Angeles, where her mother eventually remarried, Babz won a scholarship to the California Institute of the Arts and returned to New York after graduati ...

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