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2015 BMW Open

The 2015 BMW Open was a mens tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts. It was the 100th edition of the event, and part of the ATP World Tour 250 series of the 2015 ATP World Tour. It took place at the MTTC Iphitos complex in Munich, Germany, from April 25 through May 3, 2015.

Aas, Pyrenees-Atlantiques

Aas is the name of a French village of about a hundred inhabitants in the commune of Eaux-Bonnes, Ossau valley, historical province of Haut-Bearn, departement Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Its shepherds maintained a whistled language until the 20th century. According to Graham Robb, no outsiders knew of the language until a 1959 TV program mentioned it. Whistles were up to 100 decibels, and were used for communication by shepherds in the mountains and by women working in the fields. During the Nazi occupation the language was used to ferry refugees across the Spanish borders.

1998 ITU Triathlon World Championships

The 1998 ITU Triathlon World Championships was a triathlon event held in Lausanne, Switzerland on 29–30 August 1998 and organised by the International Triathlon Union. The championship was won by Simon Lessing of Great Britain and Joanne King of Australia.

OVW Light Heavyweight Championship

The OVW Light Heavyweight Championship was a title contested in Ohio Valley Wrestling. The title was created on February 9, 1999 and was retired on March 1, 2001 due to the company withdrawing its membership from the NWA in 2000 and becoming one of the first developmental territorys for World Wrestling Federation. The title was declared retired, meaning that the OVW Light Heavyweight Championship is now being represented by a trash can. The final champion was Chris Micheals, who defeated the former champion Sean Casey at the OVW TV Tapings to win the title.

Matchroom Professional Championship

The Matchroom Professional Championship was a non-ranking snooker tournament staged between 1986 and 1988. All three editions were held at Cliffs Pavilion in Southend-on-Sea. In its final year the tournament was sponsored by LEP. The tournament was organised by Barry Hearn who managed up to eight of the top professional players at the time. The prize money on offer for the winner each year was £50.000, with the first edition being won by Willie Thorne who defeated Steve Davis 10–9 in the final. Thorne reached the final the following season, but lost 10–3 to Dennis Taylor. The final event, ...

1992 ATP Tour World Championships

The 1992 ATP Tour World Championships was a mens tennis tournament held in Frankfurt, Germany from 16 November until 20 November 1992. It was the 23rd edition of the tournament.Seventh-seeded Boris Becker won the singles title.

United States National Criterium Championships

The United States National Criterium Championships are held annually and run by the national governing body, USA Cycling. The event has formerly been held at venues including Denver, Colorado, Downers Grove, Illinois, and Glencoe, Illinois. The 2015 edition of the race will be hosted by the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Formerly, the event allowed an international field, so the first rider from the United States who crossed the finish line was crowned the "United States National Criterium Champion" gaining the right to wear the national champions jersey in subsequent criteriums for the f ...

United States National Road Race Championships

The United States National Professional Road Race Championships began in 1985. They are run by the governing body, USA Cycling. Until 2006 the race was open to all nationalities, the first American to finish being named the winner and given a distinctive jersey. Since the championship in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2006, all riders have had to be American. Before 1985, only the amateur champions were named. From 1921 to 1964, the Amateur Bicycle League of America ABLA National Championships were held as an omnium of track-style events for Men, Women, and Juniors, rather than as a road r ...

Agreement on Joint Financing of Weather Ships on the North Atlantic

A weather ship, or ocean station vessel, was a ship stationed in the ocean for surface and upper air meteorological observations for use in weather forecasting. They were primarily located in the north Atlantic and north Pacific oceans, reporting via radio. The vessels aided in search and rescue operations, supported transatlantic flights, acted as research platforms for oceanographers, monitored marine pollution, and aided weather forecasting by weather forecasters and in computerized atmospheric models. Research vessels remain heavily used in oceanography, including physical oceanography ...


A monastery is a building or complex of buildings comprising the domestic quarters and workplaces of monastics, monks or nuns, whether living in communities or alone. A monastery generally includes a place reserved for prayer which may be a chapel, church, or temple, and may also serve as an oratory, or in the case of communities anything from a single building housing only one senior and two or three junior monks or nuns, to vast complexes and estates housing tens or hundreds. A monastery complex typically comprises a number of buildings which include a church, dormitory, cloister, refect ...

Norma Cluster

The Norma Cluster is a rich cluster of galaxies located near the center of the Great Attractor; it is about 68 Mpc distant. Although it is both nearby and bright, it is difficult to observe because it is located in the Zone of Avoidance, a region near the plane of the Milky Way. Consequently, the cluster is severely obscured by interstellar dust at optical wavelengths. Its mass is estimated to be on the order of 10 15 solar masses. ESO 137-001, an example of a jellyfish galaxy, is located in Abell 3627.

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