ⓘ Hittle Township, Tazewell County, Illinois. Hittle Township is located in Tazewell County, Illinois. As of the 2010 census, its population was 591 and it contai ..


ⓘ Hittle Township, Tazewell County, Illinois

Hittle Township is located in Tazewell County, Illinois. As of the 2010 census, its population was 591 and it contained 254 housing units. Hittle Township was originally called Union Township. The name was changed from Union to Waterford Township on May 20, 1850, and again from Waterford to Armington Township in August, 1850. Armington was changed to Hittle though on November 11 of that same year.

The village is named in honor of pioneer settler George Hittle 1774-1842, one of four sons of revolutionary war soldier George Michael Hittle 1741-1828. Junior George Hittle was born near fishing Creek, Northumberland modern Columbia County PA. He emigrated to green County, Ohio until 1812. He served during the war of 1812 from Ohio, a Sergeant in captain Zachariah Gulf of militia. In 1818 he made a research trip to Illinois, but decided not to move there because of the unsettled conditions with the Indians. In 1826 he returned with his wife, sons George and Adam Hittle and their families, as well as that of his friend John Wheatley Judy 1798-1860. Two families settled along the river in tazewell County this year. George Hittle was elected one of the first commissioners of tazewell County 3. The settlement they founded near modern Arlington called Hittles Grove and was extended Hittle and family Judy until 1926. George Hittle and John W. Judy and many of their descendants are buried in the cemetery Hittles grove, which is located about 5 miles North-West of Armington.

  • B. E. Hittle born 1951 American historian and writer Lloyd Hittle 1924 2012 American baseball player Hittle Township Tazewell County Illinois
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