ⓘ Mount Crescent is a mountain located in the Crescent Range of the White Mountains in Randolph, New Hampshire. It is 3.251 ft high, and its summit is the second ..


ⓘ Mount Crescent

Mount Crescent is a mountain located in the Crescent Range of the White Mountains in Randolph, New Hampshire. It is 3.251 ft high, and its summit is the second highest mountain summit in Randolph, after Black Crescent Mountain. Both mountains are in Randolphs Ice Gulch Town Forest. On the 1896 topographic map, Mount Crescent is shown as "Randolph Mtn." with an elevation of 3.280 ft, and Black Crescent is shown as "Mt. Crescent" with an elevation of 3.322 ft.

In the South-Eastern side of mount Crescent drains to Elk Creek, thence in the river Androscoggin, which drains into Merrymeeting Bay, the estuary of the river Kennebec, and thence to the Gulf of Maine. The South-Western tip of the mountain. Crescent drains into Carlton brook, then into the moose river, another stream, which is also a tributary of the river Androscoggin. In the North-Western part of Crescent drains to the Upper Ammonoosuc river, thence into the Connecticut river, which flows into long island to Connecticut.

Mount Crescent can be reached by Hiking trails from the North, across the pond, road safety, sometimes showing how deer hollow road and God dam the road or from the South through Randolph hill road.

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