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Esperanto movement

The Esperanto movement, less commonly referred to as Esperantism, is a movement to disseminate the use of the planned international language Esperanto. The movement does not aim to supplant national languages but merely to supplement them. The movement is sometimes used even for all people speaking Esperanto including their culture, which is not a correct use of the sociological term movement.

Shikharji Movement

Shikharji Movement is a campaign by Jains to protest against state governments project related to the development of infrastructure on the hill of Shikharji considered sacred by the Jains. This movement was initiated by Jain monk Aacharya Yugbhushan Surishwarji against recent infrastructure development initiated by the existing Governments actions, which Jains believe, has severely affected the sanctity of the Shikharji Hill. This Movement is unitedly led by Jains of all sects. Through this movement, the Jains want the Shikharji Hill declared as a Place Of Worship, by the concerned authori ...

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