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This is a list of philosophy of mind articles. Ron McClamrock Gilbert Ryle Michael Tye philosopher Mind-body dichotomy Australian materialism Parallelism philosophy George Edward Moore Biological naturalism Chinese room Eliminative materialism Personal identity Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness Frank Cameron Jackson Unconscious mind Daniel Dennett Hard problem of consciousness Alan Turing Dream argument Ludwig Wittgenstein J. J. C. Smart Representational theory of mind David Kellogg Lewis Physicalism Tad Schmaltz The Concept of Mind Intuition pump Qualia Direct realism ...


Anupadaka, anupapadaka, aupapaduka is a philosophical term about reality such as the anupadaka plane or gods or Dhyani-Buddhas that fit the definition. Actually beyond anupadaka is adi having to do with the first cause, itself from causeless cause. Hence, it does not matter if scientists think there are no gods or Dhyani-Buddhas: anupadaka is still an idea about something that is an effect of the first cause or causality. In that sense it may have to do with a scientific idea or the term can be applied to one: the term came to the West from Theosophy, which focuses on science as much as re ...


The term autopoiesis, meaning self, and ποίησις, meaning creation, production) refers to a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself. The original definition can be found in Autopoiesis and Cognition: the Realization of the Living: Page 16: It was in these circumstances. in which he analyzed Don Quixotes dilemma of whether to follow the path of arms praxis, action or the path of letters, I understood for the first time the power of the word "poiesis" and invented the word that we needed: autopoiesis. This was a word without a history, a word that could directly mean what takes p ...


Barddas is a book of material compiled and written by the Welsh writer and literary forger Iolo Morganwg. Though purported to be an authentic compilation of ancient Welsh bardic and druidic theology and lore, its contents are largely Iolos own invention. The work was published by John Williams for the Welsh Manuscripts Society in two volumes, 1862 and 1874.

Animal machine

Animal machine or Bête machine, is a philosophical notion from Descartes who held that animals were machines unable to think. This implied a fundamental difference between animals and humans. Now this theory is strongly challenged.

Binding problem

The binding problem is a term used at the interface between neuroscience, cognitive science and philosophy of mind that has multiple meanings. Firstly, there is the segregation problem: a practical computational problem of how brains segregate elements in complex patterns of sensory input so that they are allocated to discrete "objects". In other words, when looking at a blue square and a yellow circle, what neural mechanisms ensure that the square is perceived as blue and the circle as yellow, and not vice versa? The segregation problem is sometimes called BP1. Secondly, there is the comb ...

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