ⓘ List of Ontario expressways. The majority of the freeways and expressways in Ontario are 400-series highways; there are also some others which do not have that ..


ⓘ List of Ontario expressways

The majority of the freeways and expressways in Ontario are 400-series highways; there are also some others which do not have that designation. The full list appears below.


1.1. Full freeways complete controlled-access 400-Series Highways

  • Highway 409: Toronto Pearson International Airport – Highway 401 in Toronto
  • Highway 402: U.S. border at Sarnia – Highway 401 in London
  • Highway 412: Highway 401 – Highway 407 in Whitby
  • Highway 416: Highway 401 in Johnstown – Highway 417 in Ottawa
  • Highway 420: Montrose Road – Stanley Avenue in Niagara Falls
  • Highway 407: Highway 403/QEW in Burlington – Harmony Road in Oshawa section between Burlington and Pickering privately owned
  • Queen Elizabeth Way: U.S. border at Fort Erie Peace Bridge – Highway 427 in Toronto; the designations 451 and 1 are sometimes used internally by the MTO
  • Highway 417: Ottawa Road 29 in Arnprior – Quebec border near Pointe-Fortune
  • Highway 418: Highway 401 – Highway 407 in Clarington
  • Highway 400: Jane Street, Toronto – Highway 559 in McDougall Highway 69 continues northward
  • Highway 403: Highway 401 in Woodstock – Highway 401/410 in Mississauga
  • Highway 401: Ojibway Parkway in Windsor – Quebec border near Curry Hill
  • Highway 404: Highway 401 in Toronto – Woodbine Avenue in East Gwillimbury
  • Highway 410: Highway 401/403 in Mississauga – Highway 10 at Valleywood in Caledon
  • Highway 405: QEW north of Niagara Falls – U.S. border at Queenston
  • Highway 406: E Main St. Niagara Road 27 in Welland – QEW in St. Catharines
  • Highway 427: Evans Avenue near QEW in Toronto – Highway 7 in Vaughan

1.2. Full freeways complete controlled-access Other provincial freeways

The province also maintains freeways which are up to 400-series standards, yet are not numbered as part of the 400-series network. This is despite some of those freeways exceeding existing 400-series highways in size and traffic volume and despite some of them being connected to the 400-series network. Nonetheless, Ontario freeways do not receive a 400-series number unless they are designed to be complete controlled-access freeways for their whole length. The non 400-series routes listed below have significant open-access portions besides the freeway section, with the freeway segment typically being a small section not at the routes termini.

  • Highway 6 is a freeway in 3 segments
  • Highway 403 to Clappisons Corners at Highway 5. This freeway is a newly completed, 2.5 km stretch north of Hamilton. Plans are to eventually continue this freeway north to Highway 401 at Guelph.
  • College Avenue to Paisley Rd. in Guelph, as part of the Hanlon Parkway.
  • Maltby Road to Kortright Road in Guelph, also as part of the Hanlon Parkway. The rest of the Hanlon is an expressway with at-grade intersections. Plans are to eventually turn the entire length of the Hanlon into a freeway.
  • The Conestoga Parkway - Baden to St. Jacobs through Kitchener/Waterloo. It carries the designations Highway 7, Highway 8, and Highway 85. Highway 85s southern terminus is at the part where Highway 7 turns off of the freeway portion. Its northern terminus is at Waterloo Regional Road 15 King Street North, whence it continues as Arthur Street, or Regional Road 85.
  • Highway 7 is a freeway in 3 segments, and a fourth segment is in planning
  • Carleton Place to Highway 417 in Ottawa;
  • Concurrent with Highway 115 from the interchange with Highway 7A to Television Road in Peterborough, bypassing the city;
  • Plans are to upgrade Highway 7 from the Conestoga Parkway eastward to Hanlon Parkway into a freeway, along with the Hanlon.
  • Baden to Waterloo see Conestoga Parkway above;
  • Highway 400 at Barrie to Penetanguishene Rd.;
  • Hewitt St. at Gravenhurst to Kirk Line at Bracebridge;
  • Highway 11 is a freeway in several segments.
  • Line 15 North to Carlyon Line Orillia bypass;
  • Simcoe County Rd. 169 at Washago to Southwood Rd. at Severn Bridge;
  • Main St. in Huntsville to Highway 17 in North Bay. The length of Highway 11 from Barrie to North Bay is currently planned to be upgraded to a fully controlled access highway in the long term; no 400-series designation is planned.
  • Highway 8 - Highway 401 to the Conestoga Parkway in Kitchener. The freeway portion of Highway 8 in Kitchener is known as the "Freeport Diversion" or the "King Street Bypass" or, by many area residents, as "the Highway 8 Expressway". In 1987, the Freeport Diversion was extended to Highway 401; this extension carried the unsigned designation of Highway 7187 until 2011 when it was designated part of Highway 8. Before 1987, traffic continued on King Street East, an undivided 4-lane arterial road to an interchange with Highway 401. Highway 8 is also a freeway co-signed with Highway 7 on the Conestoga Parkway from King Street to Baden.
  • Highway 17 is a freeway in 2 segments
  • In Sudbury, from Municipal Road 55 in Whitefish to MR 55 in Lively.
  • The Whitefish to Lively section transitions to a two-lane freeway from Lively to MR 55 west of Coniston. This two-lane segment briefly transitions back to a divided freeway at the Highway 69 interchange, to ease future freeway conversion on the segment; the Ontario government has announced that the segment will be upgraded to full freeway in the early 2010s. These segments may be incorporated into a future expansion of Highway 417. Additionally, the expressway portion of Highway 17 near Sault Ste. Marie could also be upgraded into a full freeway in the future, but currently contains at-grade intersections.
  • Highway 35/Highway 115 is a freeway in 3 segments
  • Wilcox Rd. to Highway 7 in Peterborough.
  • Highway 401 at Newcastle to Concession Rd. 3;
  • Concession Rd. 4 to Concession Rd. 8;
  • Highway 137 - Connection to Interstate 81 in Ivy Lea from Thousand Islands Parkway to Highway 401 only.
  • Highway 58 - Thorold from 406 to Thorold Stone Rd. only segment expected to incorporate into medium-term Highway 420 plans
  • Highway 69 - From Highway 64 in French River to Estaire Road in Sudbury. All of Highway 69 is expected to be upgraded to freeway status and incorporated as part of the 400 by 2021.
  • Highway 85 see Conestoga Parkway above

1.3. Full freeways complete controlled-access Municipal expressways/freeways

These include both municipal-constructed freeways and former provincial freeways downloaded to municipalities.

  • Burlington Street - Hamilton from west of Kenilworth Avenue to QEW only
  • Kingston Road Diversion/formerly Highway 2A - Scarborough 3.4 km 2.1 mi expressway from Lawson Road to Highway 401)
  • Black Creek Drive - Toronto Maple Leaf Drive to Weston Road; compromise for the cancellation of Highway 400 Extension
  • E.C. Row Expressway - Windsor
  • Dougall Parkway - Windsor from Howard Avenue to Highway 401 only
  • Red Hill Valley Parkway - Hamilton
  • Highbury Avenue - London from Highway 401 to Hamilton Road only
  • Don Valley Parkway - Toronto from Gardiner Expressway to Highway 401-the entire length of the DVP
  • Ontario Highway 27 - Toronto In between 407/401
  • Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway - Hamilton
  • Allen Road - Toronto from Eglinton Avenue West to Transit Road only
  • Regional Road 174 Queensway East from 417 at Gloucester to Trim Road in Orleans only.
  • Gardiner Expressway - Toronto from Don Valley Parkway to Highway 427-its entire length
  • Municipal Road 73 in Greater Sudbury - from Municipal Road 66 to a roundabout near College Boreal west of the interchange with Municipal Road 71.


2. Two-lane freeways

  • Highway 7 - From Monaghan Parkway to Sherbrooke Street Regional Road 9 east of Peterborough.
  • Highway 17 is a two-lane freeway in 3 segments
  • County Road 40 south of Pembroke to north of Petawawa.
  • In Greater Sudbury, where the freeway portion transitions to a two-lane freeway see Highway 17 above
  • Highway 6 - Argyle St. South to Green Rd. Caledonia Bypass and from Garner Road near Highway 403 to south of Airport Road in Hamilton. Both of these are two-lane freeways, although expansion is planned.
  • Highway 3 - St. Thomas from Wellington Rd. to Centennial Rd. only
  • Highway 417s terminus at Arnprior to Haley Station, north of Renfrew. This 20 km stretch will likely be twinned to become an extension of Highway 417.
  • Airport Parkway - Ottawa
  • Monaghan Parkway - between Highway 7 and Breally Dr.; between Breally Dr. and Highway 115 as Sir Sanford Flemming Dr.
  • Highway 40 see Highway 40 below
  • Sir Sanford Fleming Dr. see above
  • Niagara Regional Road 27 - between Wellington street in Welland and Moyer road.
  • Highway 144 - between Chelmsford and Highway 17 near Lively, in Greater Sudbury.
  • Pike Creek Bypass - Lakeshore, Ontario from terminus of E.C. Row Expressway to Essex County Road 2, has no grade-separations, only intersections, and no adjacent property access
  • Highway 58A is a 2-lane freeway for its entire length
  • Highway 17A the Kenora bypass is a 2-lane freeway in its entirety.
  • Niagara Regional Highway 525 - Between Highway 58As eastern terminus i.e. Highway 525s western terminus as well and Miler Rd. with Keefer Rd. as an L connector.

3. Expressways

  • Eastgate Parkway in Mississauga is a divided at-grade expressway where it follows the old Highway 403 right of way from current Highway 403 to just west of Fieldgate Drive.
  • Highway 17 - Sault Ste. Marie to Desbarats
  • Exmouth St. is an expressway between Old Exmouth St. and Old London Rd. east of Sarnia
  • Eastport Drive Highway 7189 - Hamilton
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway - London
  • Wayne Gretzky Parkway - Brantford, Ontario
  • Mud Street - between Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway/Red Hill Valley Parkway intersection and Regional highway 20 in the Hamilton area.
  • Hanlon Parkway - Guelph
  • Regional Road 420 - Former section of Highway 420 from Stanley Avenue to the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls.
  • Cootes Drive - Ancaster, Ontario/Hamilton, Ontario/Dundas, Ontario formerly known as The Kings Highway 102. First divided dual-carriageway in Canada and Ontario, built in mid-1930s near McMaster University.
  • Highway 140 is a 2-lane expressway in its entirety.
  • Highway 27 directly north of Highway 401 in Toronto, Ontario. It has four lanes of undivided traffic, and is fully controlled-access with interchanges and service roads to provide access to property in the area.
  • Thunder Bay Expressway - Thunder Bay
  • Harbour Expressway - Thunder Bay
  • Municipal Road 55 in Greater Sudbury - from Municipal Road 24 approximately one kilometre west of the Highway 17 interchange in Lively to Big Nickel Mine Road
  • Highway 11 - see Thunder Bay Expressway
  • Highway 7 is a brief expressway between Highway 115s eastern terminus and Keene Rd.
  • Highway 17 - see Thunder Bay Expressway
  • Airport Parkway - is an expressway in Ottawa running from the Ottawa International Airport to Heron Road.
  • Highway 40 is a four-lane divided expressway around the Sarnia area where it is known as the Sarnia Bypass. It is a two-lane freeway south of Sarnia as far south as Wallaceburg. Highway 40 is designed such that it can be upgraded to a full freeway, although it is unlikely since current traffic levels do not warrant the upgrade.
  • Highway 58A is a 2-lane expressway in its entirety.
  • Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway - is a four-lane scenic parkway/expressway from downtown Ottawa to Carling Avenue along the Ottawa River in Ottawa
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway Brantford - Brantford, Ontario
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