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1957 Alexandra bus boycott

The 1957 Alexandra bus boycott was a protest undertaken against the Public Utility Transport Corporation by the people of Alexandra in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is generally recognised as being one of the few successful political campaigns of the Apartheid era, by noted writers and activists including Anthony Sampson and Chief Albert Luthuli. Ruth First, former wife of South African Communist Party leader Joe Slovo, said of the Boycott, "not since the days of the Defiance Campaign had Africans held so strategic a position."

2006 Argentine truckers' boycott of Chinese store-owners

In June 2006 the truckers union of Argentina boycotted supermarkets owned by Chinese people in retaliation for the attack of a trucker by a store-owner. The incident in question was triggered by an argument between the people in charge of the supermarket and those in charge of delivering Quilmes beer in a neighborhood of Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, possibly over discrepancies in the number of empty bottles to be returned in exchange for the new ones. The owner of the supermarket and the manager, Zhen Benjing, refused to return a number of empty bottles, and a violent argument ensued bet ...

ASCAP boycott

The ASCAP boycott was a boycott of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers by radio broadcasters, due to license fees. From another perspective, it was a boycott of radio broadcasters by ASCAP, "concerned about the unlicensed radio broadcast of its members material." Between 1931 and 1939, ASCAP increased royalty rates charged to broadcasters some 448%. In 1940, when ASCAP tried to double its license fees, radio broadcasters prepared to resist their demands by enforcing a boycott of ASCAP, and inaugurating a competing royalty agency, Broadcast Music Incorporated BMI. Duri ...

Bristol Bus Boycott

The Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 arose from the refusal of the Bristol Omnibus Company to employ Black or Asian bus crews in the city of Bristol, England, UK. In common with other British cities at the time, there was widespread racial discrimination in housing and employment against "Coloureds". Led by youth worker Paul Stephenson and the West Indian Development Council, the boycott of the companys buses by Bristolians lasted for four months until the company backed down and overturned their discriminative colour bar policy. The boycott drew national attention to racial discrimination in B ...

The Cost of Knowledge

The Cost of Knowledge is a protest by academics against the business practices of academic journal publisher Elsevier. Among the reasons for the protests were a call for lower prices for journals and to promote increased open access to information. The main work of the project was to ask researchers to sign a statement committing not to support Elsevier journals by publishing, performing peer review, or providing editorial services for these journals.

East L.A. walkouts

The East Los Angeles Walkouts or Chicano Blowouts were a series of 1968 protests by Chicano students against unequal conditions in Los Angeles Unified School District high schools. The first protest took place on March 6, 1968. The students who organized and carried out the protests were primarily concerned with the quality of their education. This movement was of the first mass mobilizations by Chicanos in Southern California.

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