ⓘ Agyia is a neighborhood of the city of Patras, Greece. It is located about 3.5 km north of downtown Patras. The community forms the mid-northern part of the cit ..


ⓘ Agyia

Agyia is a neighborhood of the city of Patras, Greece. It is located about 3.5 km north of downtown Patras. The community forms the mid-northern part of the city of Patras. Most of the street names are named after rivers. The town includes the church of St. Constantine.


1. History

The community used to be a village, but Patrass expansion engulfed it during the 1970s and the 1980s. A highway bypass 2.5 km was built in 1995, which reduced traffic.

The section of north Patras is divided into Meso Inner Agyias and Exo Outer Agyias. Its nearest subdivision excluding Patras are Skioessa. Agricultural lands lie to the north and urban sprawl in central and southern areas.

The main street is Leoforos Panepistimiou University Avenue, which leads to the University Town outside Patras near Rio. Other streets include Afstralias, Agiou Konstantinou or Agyia, Aretha, and Notara. The EOK campground is northwest of the center on Iroon Polytechneiou Street.

The Achaiki confection factory was located at the corner of Notara and Panepistimiou; it produced loukoumia Turkish delight, vanilla sweets, and koufeta Jordan almonds. The business was established in 1925 by Vassilios Manoussos 1900–1985 and was continued by his son, Konstantinos 1929–1997. Within the grounds of the old factory and by the Agyia creek, is a large maple tree, over 300 years old, a local landmark. About 500 metres north of the maple tree, an ancient Roman bridge excavated in 1984 was discovered. It is said that Saint Paul and Saint Andrews the city of Patras patron saint both walked on this bridge.


2. Sporting teams

There are two football clubs, Agyia AU and Panionios Achilleas Agyia both playing in the fourth division of the EPS Achaia. Kostas Davourlis Stadium of Panachaiki is located also in the area.

  • championship Aris Patras A.O. Ampelokipi Patras A.O. Anagenisi Patras Agyia FC - Patras Agyia regional championship Albatross Glyfadas Patras - regional championship
  • now a neighbourhood of Patras, it empties west of the neighbourhood of Agyia In antiquity there was a temple of Artemis Triklaria near the river, but
  • when haven t bronze medal at this event. Antonios Pepanos aquatic center Agyia seaside front north Lighthouse St Andrew seaside front south Patras
  • the centre of Patras. In the 1950s, a new and larger factory was built in Agyia The company was named V. Manoussos Sons Β. Μανούσος Υιοί Later
  • Prince, was a former Greek footballer central attacking midfielder born in Agyia Patras. A gifted and talented player, he was voted by the Greek sports
  • emergency or danger. A natural harbor located at the present day marsh of Agyia provided access to the sea, allowing control of the entire gulf of Patras
  • 1670 New - Martyr Angelis of Constantinople 1680 Venerable Anthony of Agyia Saint Haido of Stanos 1820 - 1821 Virgin - martyrs Tatiana Gribkov and Natalia
  • diversity of the area and the preservation of its climate is the swamp of Agyia a small and coastal aquatic ecosystem of only 30 ha 74 acres north of
  • Kostas Davourlis Stadium Agyia Former names Panachaiki Stadium Location Agyia Patras Coordinates 38 15 42 N 21 44 45 E 38.26167 N 21.74583 E