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2.2-Dipyridylamine is an organic compound with the formula 2 NH. It consists of a pair of 2-pyridyl groups linked to a secondary amine. The compound forms a range of coordination complexes. Its conjugate base, 2.2- dipyridylamide, forms extended metal atom chains.


2-Aminopyridine is an organic compound with the formula H 2 NC 5 H 4 N. It is one of three isomeric aminopyridines. It is a colourless solid that is used in the production of the drugs piroxicam, sulfapyridine, tenoxicam, and tripelennamine. It is produced by the reaction of sodium amide with pyridine, the Chichibabin reaction.



3-Aminopyridine is prepared by heating nicotinamide with sodium hypobromite which is in turn prepared in situ by the reaction of sodium hydroxide and bromine at 70 °C. It can be used in the synthesis of organic ligand 3-pyridylnicotinamide. Troxipide is another synthesis that uses 3-AP.

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