ⓘ The Voice: la plus belle voix, season 8. The eighth season of The Voice: la plus belle voix was broadcast on 9 February 2019 on TF1. It was also rebroadcast the ..


ⓘ The Voice: la plus belle voix (season 8)

The eighth season of The Voice: la plus belle voix was broadcast on 9 February 2019 on TF1. It was also rebroadcast the next day on TFX. It was presented by Nikos Aliagas.

Season 8 began later in the year than the previous seasons of The Voice as Soprano and Jenifer were on tour until May, and were unavailable for filming the live shows. The live segments instead took place between the end of May and the beginning of June.


1. Coaches and hosts

Julien Clerc, Jenifer, Mika and Soprano are the four coaches of the show. The coach line-up is different compared to previous years and Season 7. Pascal Obispo and Zazie were busy touring, and Florent Pagny announced at the end of the Season 5 that his contract was going to end in 2018. Jenifer, a previous coach on The Voice, is making a comeback after 3 seasons. Soprano, who is already a coach in the Kids version, also joins the group. Julien Clerc has replaced the historic coach Florent Pagny.


2. Blind Auditions

The principle is, for the four coaches, to choose the best preselected candidates by the production. In the performance of each candidate, each coach sits in a chair, back to the stage and facing the audience, and listens to the candidates voice without seeing them hence the term "Auditions à laveugle". If a coach likes what they hear, they press the buzzer in front of them, and their chair turns around to face the stage. This means that the coach wants to support the performer and wants them on their team. If only one coach has turned around by the end of the performance, then the singer joins that coachs team by default. However, if several of the coaches turn around, the performer can choose which team they want to join. This year, a new feature was added whereby a coach can block a coach of their choice from being able to have a contestant on their team by pressing a different button and before the other coach has pressed their buzzer. This feature can be used only once by each coach during the whole of the blind auditions. By the end of the blind auditions, the coaches must have 18 contestants between them.


2.1. Blind Auditions Episode 1 February 9

The first episode aired February 1, 2019 on television at 9:00pm. The coaches performed "Laissons entrer le soleli" by Julien Clerc for the opening of the blind auditions, as a nod to the new coach.


3. Knockouts K.O.

This season, knockouts have completely new rules. Each contestant sings one by one a song of their choice. At the end of the performance their coach has 3 options: a) Send contestant directly to the Battles by pressing their button b) Send contestant to the Danger Zone Rouge c) Eliminate a Contestant Each coach has 6 spots in Battles. At the end of Knockouts, a coach can give away the rest of the spots to those waiting in Danger Zone. Each coach has 2 steals which he can use on contestants in Danger Zone or on the eliminated ones.

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