ⓘ Disappearance of Alex Sloley. Alexander Sloley disappeared without a trace or apparent cause on 11 July 2008 in the London Borough of Enfield. There has been no ..


ⓘ Disappearance of Alex Sloley

Alexander Sloley disappeared without a trace or apparent cause on 11 July 2008 in the London Borough of Enfield. There has been no evidence of his fate.


1. Background

Sloley went by the nickname" Gog”. He had studied at the Islington Arts and Media School and was attending City and Islington College.

Sloley was 16 years of age when he disappeared and was only two days away from his 17th birthday. Sloley was described as someone who dressed smartly and was not scruffy. Sloley liked football and eating traditional West Indian food such as fried plantain, dumplings, and porridge.

His parents were separated, and he had three sisters: Tasha, Tazrah, and Lattina. Sloley’s father, Christopher died in 2014 without learning of his sons fate.


2. Disappearance

Sloley had been staying at a friends house in Edmonton. He left there around noon on 11 July 2008 to return home for his birthday, but never arrived. When he disappeared he had little money and no change of clothes. Sloley did not have his passport with him. Sloley has a mobile phone with him but it stopped connecting when he went missing. His disappearance was uncharacteristic.

Police found nothing to indicate where Sloley may have gone." It’s like he disappeared off the face of the planet,” one officer said in 2012. No trace of Sloley was ever recovered from CCTV footage.


3. Subsequent investigation

In September 2009 a possible sighting was reported in Ilford, but has never been confirmed. In October 2009 the charity Missing People and supermarket Iceland arranged for Sloleys story and photo to appear on milk cartons. Sloleys was one of the first cases to be publicised in such a manner, and he was featured on nearly 13.5m milk cartons.

In July 2015, Sloleys mother Nerissa Tivy was surprised to learn that police had received numerous reports of sightings in 2009. Tivy stated that she had met with police a number of times and they had never told her about this list.

In September 2017 Mick Neville, retired head of the Metropolitan Police’s Central Images Unit, drew comparisons between Sloleys disappearance and that of another bright maths student who disappeared without a trace. Andrew Gosden was 14 when he disappeared in 2007, less than a year before Sloley. Gosdens last known location was King’s Cross, and when Sloley disappeared he was thought to have been on his way to Islington, which is two miles from King’s Cross." It raises the question on whether there is a serial killer on the prowl?.the potential links between these cases need to be recognised,” said Neville.

In September 2019 the Metropolitan Police released an updated e-fit depicting Sloley as he may look at that time. It was reported that there had been no use of Sloley’s, national insurance, bank account or passport in the intervening 11 years. Detective Constable Tom Boom of the Missing Persons Unit stated that there was no evidence of harm but the case had gone cold and there were no major leads.


3.1. Subsequent investigation Criticism of police investigation

Sloleys mother feels police could have done more to look for her son. Police have maintained that everything possible was done to find him.

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