ⓘ Utah State Route 135. State Route 135 is a short divided state highway in northern Utah County, Utah, United States. The route spans east–west for 0.726 miles t ..


ⓘ Utah State Route 135

State Route 135 is a short divided state highway in northern Utah County, Utah, United States. The route spans east–west for 0.726 miles to connect the far northeastern part of Lindon and Interstate 15 with SR‑129 in the southeastern part of Pleasant Grove. The majority of the route runs along Pleasant Grove Boulevard.


1. Route description

SR‑135 is a four-lane connector road that runs through formerly agricultural area that has recently been developed commercially.

The route begins at a four-way intersection with 2800 West on the border line of American Fork and Lindon. The road continues west from the intersection as Lindons 2600 North and American Forks 1500 South. The road north from the intersection is also known as American Forks 800 East. From its western terminus the route heads east in Lindon as 600 North for about 500 feet 150 m as a four-lane road with no median before turning northeast and gaining its median, which it retains for the remainder of the route.

After turning northeast, SR‑135 quickly reaches the diamond interchange with I‑15 Exit 275, which has been substantially landscaped xeriscape since its construction. As is crosses over I‑15 the route leaves Lindon and enters Pleasant Grove and becomes Pleasant Grove Boulevard. Northeast of I‑15, SR‑135 continues northeast and the westbound lanes connect with the south end of Granite Way before the route reaches its eastern terminus at SR‑129. Immediately northwest of the junction with SR‑135, SR‑129 is also known as 2000 West and southwest of the junction as 700 North after entering Lindon. The roadway continues northeast from the junction as Pleasant Grove Boulevard to cross 1300 West.


2. History

In 2002, a new roadway was complete in northwest Lindon and southwest Pleasant Grove. The road included a new interchange along I‑15 and connected 600 North in Lindon to the southwest with State Street US‑89 in Pleasant Grove at what was formerly a three way intersection with Center Street. The most of the new road was named Pleasant Grove Boulevard. Four years later, with the completion of North County Boulevard SR‑129, the section of the roadway between 2800 West and North County Boulevard SR‑129 was designated as State Route 135.

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