ⓘ Hot Springs Street Railroad. The limited number of cars owned by the Hot Springs Street Railroad, together with the fact that all those people attending the rac ..


ⓘ Hot Springs Street Railroad

The limited number of cars owned by the Hot Springs Street Railroad, together with the fact that all those people attending the races wanted to go to the grounds and return to the city at practically the same time, necessitated the adoption of some unusual methods in handling passengers.

At the race track was a loading yard, which was 800 feet 240 m long by about 125 feet 38 m wide, enclosed in a picket fence 8 feet 2.4 m high. At one end was a loading shed 180 feet 55 m long and 35 feet 11 mwide, and from which several gates gave entrance to the grounds. The loading yards contained storage tracks for twenty-five cars. All the cars going to the races were put in special service and no fares are collected on them. Instead, the fares were collected as the passengers went through the gates leading into the grounds.

At the end of the races about twenty-five cars are waiting in the loading yard and fares are collected as passengers passed through the gates. Four cars were drawn up to the loading platform at a time and were started out at close intervals. The method had the great advantage of securing all fares without trouble.

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