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Neighborhoods of Tel Aviv

Residential Ramat Aviv Gimmel רמת אביב ג, Spring Height 3 Shikun Lamed שיכון למד, L Neighborhood Azorei Hen אזורי חן, Areas of Grace Kokhav HaTzafon כוכב הצפון, Northern Star Nofei Yam נופי ים Sea view Ramat Aviv HaHadasha רמת אביב החדשה, New Spring Height Migdalei Neeman מגדלי נאמן Faithful Towers Neve Avivim נווה אביבים, Springs Oasis also known as Ramat Aviv Bet/ 2 Ramat Aviv Aleph רמת אביב א, Spring Height 1 Non-residential regions Museum campus Yarkon Park Ha-Yarkon officially Ganei Yehoshua / Joshua Gardens Tel Aviv University Campus

Abu Kabir

Abu Kabir was a satellite village of Jaffa founded by Egyptians following Ibrahim Pashas 1832 defeat of Turkish forces in Ottoman era Palestine. During the 1948 Palestine war, it was mostly abandoned and later destroyed. After Israels establishment in 1948, the area became part of south Tel Aviv. Officially named Givat Herzl, the name of an adjacent Jewish neighborhood, the name Abu Kabir continued to be used. Part or all of Abu Kabir was officially renamed Tabitha by the Tel Aviv municipality in 2011.

Ajami, Jaffa

Ajami is a predominantly Arab neighborhood in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, situated south of Old Jaffa and north of the Jabaliyya neighborhood on the Mediterranean Sea.

Givat Aliyah

The first settlers in the area on which the neighborhood is located today were fishermen from the village of Jabalia, north of Gaza, in the 19th century. As the population of Jaffa swelled considerably in the late 19th century, the area attracted rich Arab families from Jaffa, as well as rich residents of other Arab towns, such as Jericho, Nablus and Jerusalem, who built their houses there, and the area became a suburb for the old city. During the British mandate, the area attracted British officers. During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Arab residents of the area fled and the neighborhood ...

Givat Herzl

Givat Herzl is a neighborhood located in the southern part of Tel Aviv, Israel. It contains an ancient Jewish necropolis which was looted mainly during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Hadar Yosef

Hadar Yosef is a residential neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel, in the northeastern part of the city. The neighborhood is located to the north of the Yarkon River and near the National Sport Center – Tel Aviv.


ⓘ Neighborhoods of Tel Aviv

  • of the neighborhoods of Tel Aviv is arranged geographically from north to south, then from west to east. Residential Azorei Hen אזורי חן Areas of
  • community of migrants and foreign workers. In 2005, it was described as one of the most heterogeneous neighborhoods in Tel Aviv The neighborhood was founded
  • Aviv Alef or Ramat Aviv HaYeruka, and originally plainly Ramat Aviv Hebrew: ר מ ת א ב יב, lit. Spring Heights is a neighborhood in northwest Tel Aviv
  • Florentin Hebrew: פלורנטין is a neighborhood in the southern part of Tel Aviv Israel, named for Solomon Florentin, a Greek Jew who purchased the land
  • al - Baydha a refers to a collection of over 4, 000 buildings built in a unique form of the International Style in Tel Aviv from the 1930s, with a strong Bauhaus
  • neighborhood in Tel Aviv Israel, founded in 1923. The Neve Sha anan neighborhood is a major transportation hub, with both the new and old Tel Aviv Central
  • מונטיפיורי is a neighborhood in the center of Tel Aviv Israel. The Montefiore neighbourhood lies on the eastern edge of central Tel Aviv about 2 kilometers
  • Tel Baruch is a luxury neighborhood dating back to 1947, located on the northern side of the Yarkon River, in the northeast of Tel Aviv Israel. The neighborhood
  • a neighborhood of Tel Aviv Israel, on the east - central side of the city. It is ranked as the wealthiest neighborhood in Israel. The neighborhood is
  • Yehuda Hamaccabi is a neighborhood in the north - central part of Tel Aviv It is named after Judas Maccabeus, one of the great warriors in Jewish history