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D.G. Kerr (1916 ship)

D.G. Kerr was a lake freighter, launched in 1916, for the Pittsburg Steamship Company. Ownership was transferred to US Steel, in 1952. She is considered to be a "600 footer", a vessel whose design was based on the J. Pierpont Morgan, built in 1903. In 1921 the DG Kerr set a record, loading her entire capacity of 12.507 tons of ore, in just 16 and a half minutes. She ran aground in 1970, and was permanently laid up in 1975. She was lost, off the Azores, while under tow to a Spanish ship breakers yard.


Ben Moreell (steamer)

Ben Moreell was a lake freighter on the North American Great Lakes. In 1958 she collided with the ferry Ashtabula in the harbor of Ashtabula, Ohio. In 1977 she was renamed Alisdair Guthrie.

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