ⓘ Throne of Evil is a scenario for character levels 4-6 set in 12th-century England. The adventurers are involved in the intrigues of the Norman court, which lead ..


ⓘ Throne of Evil

Throne of Evil is a scenario for character levels 4-6 set in 12th-century England. The adventurers are involved in the intrigues of the Norman court, which leads to their being sent to penetrate Castle Wraithstone and kidnap the evil March Lord. The book includes a details castle and dungeons.

In Throne Of Evil, the characters meet at an inn and are sent to a castle to dispose of an evil lord, but the only access is through a cavern inhabited by monsters.


1. Publication history

Throne of Evil was written by Stephen Bourne, with a cover by Rowena Morrill, and was published by Mayfair Games in 1984 as a 32-page book. The adventure module was part of the Role Aids line.


2. Reception

Rick Swan reviewed the adventure in The Space Gamer No. 75. He called the adventure "little more than a by-the-numbers rewrite of a typical TSR hack-and-slasher circa 1978". Swan added: "Anyone whos even casually experienced with fantasy roleplaying will be in familiar territory with Throne of Evil the political intrigue referred to in the introduction is little more than an uninvolving fluctuation of loyalties among some of the NPCs. Somebody ought to tell these guys that this approach to fantasy modules is hopelessly old-fashioned. Sure, its got its place – its a nice way to introduce young players to the hobby, if nothing else. But its already been done to death and done much better elsewhere." Swan concluded the review by saying, "If you have an opening for a product of this kind, my suggestion is to pick up an old TSR D&D module. Just for old times sake, I bought a half dozen of em at a book store recently for a buck and a half each. As for Throne of Evil, lets let it go as an unfortunate misfire from the usually excellent RoleAids series. I mean, nobodys perfect."

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