ⓘ Shipwrecker is a scenario for character levels 4-7. The adventurers are hired to bring back a golden chalice stolen by a band of pirates. The book includes desc ..


ⓘ Shipwrecker

Shipwrecker is a scenario for character levels 4-7. The adventurers are hired to bring back a golden chalice stolen by a band of pirates. The book includes descriptions of a port town, goblin lair, and pirate caverns.

In Shipwrecker, the player characters are stranded in the seaport community of Wrighters Town, pondering the offer of King Nathan for the return of the lost Chalice of Storms. The Chalice is now in the Pirate Caverns, which in turn are guarded by the hostile occupants of the Goblin Caverns.


1. Publication history

Shipwrecker was written by Sue Stone, with a cover by Janny Wurts, and was published by Mayfair Games in 1983 as a 32-page book. The adventure module was part of the Role Aids line and was suitable for Dungeons & Dragons or similar systems.


2. Reception

Rick Swan reviewed the adventure in The Space Gamer No. 72. He commented that "Anybody who thinks roleplaying is for kids ought to take a look at Shipwrecker, as its one of the most literately written modules Ive ever come across. The detailed background notes read like a passage from a history text, and the NPC descriptions could be life stories of real people. Much thought has gone into the design and development of the community, right down to the economic and administrative considerations. The cohesiveness and logic of the setting make for a very realistic feel; theres nothing superficial about Shipwrecker." He continued: "Its this attention to detail that makes Shipwrecker somewhat disappointing as a game. So many pages are given over to background and setting explanations that theres not much room left over the adventure itself. True, players could spend a lot of time exploring the city, but no real progress towards completing the mission can be made until they get to the Pirate Caverns, and thats halfway through the module. The trek through the caverns is also fairly dull; a lot of the encounters are run-of-the-mill and many of the cavern areas are simply empty. Within the context of the storyline it all makes sense, but gamers looking for start-to-finish excitement are bound to be bored." Swan concluded the review by saying "If designer Sue Stone had been given another 10 to 20 pages to flesh out the actual adventure portion of Shipwrecker, this could have been about as good as they get. But even with its flaws, Shipwrecker is better than most. Its a solid example of good writing and intelligent presentation; would-be designers would do well to check it out."

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