ⓘ List of terrorist incidents in Seattle. The United States city of Seattle has been the site of occasional, small-scale terrorist incidents. Though several locat ..


ⓘ List of terrorist incidents in Seattle

The United States city of Seattle has been the site of occasional, small-scale terrorist incidents. Though several locations in the city have been discovered on target lists of known terrorist cells, as of 2014 the citys Office of Emergency Management believed that a "large-scale attack seems like a low probability event". A 2006 report by the United States Department of Justice indicated that the Washington State Ferries, which have several facilities in Seattle, was the leading "target for maritime terrorism in this country".


1. Terrorist incidents in fiction

  • In the 2016 TV series Shooter, the President of Ukraine is assassinated while visiting Seattle.
  • An episode of the television series Reaper, set in Seattle, has presidential assassin Leon Czolgosz escape from Hell.
  • The 2001 film Greenmail involves a radical environmentalist bombing locations in Seattle.
  • In a 2014 episode of the TV series Greys Anatomy, a reported terrorist attack against a Seattle shopping mall turns out to be a gas main explosion.
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