ⓘ Churches on the National Register of Historic Places in Tennessee ..

Beth Salem Presbyterian Church

Beth Salem Presbyterian Church is a historic African-American church in Athens, Tennessee. The congregation was organized in 1866 with support from white missionaries, making Beth Salem the first African American church in the three-county farming region of McMinn, Meigs, and Polk counties. At first, the congregation held its services under a brush arbor. After a local white woman donated land for a building, a log church was built. It also housed a public school. After the log building was destroyed by fire around 1920, the current building was built using donated lumber and the volunteer ...

Christ Temple AME Zion Church

Christ Temple AME Zion Church, also known as Belmont Annex Fellowship Hall, is a historic African-American church at 235 E. Meeting Street in Dandridge, Tennessee. The churchs building was originally located in southwestern Dandridge, immediately behind the Bethel Presbyterian Church. It was built circa 1888. In 1912 the congregation was rededicated as Christ Temple AME Zion, and the name and date were recorded on a rectangular marble stone installed in the foundation. In 1935 the church was relocated when its site was acquired by the Jefferson County Board of Education to make room for co ...


Wartburg Presbyterian Church

Wartburg Presbyterian Church is a historic Presbyterian church in Wartburg, Tennessee. The congregation was established in 1879 and the church building was constructed in 1883. The church building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in December 2013. Church services are held every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend. Casual dress is acceptable. The pastor of the church is Carolyn S. Anderson.

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