ⓘ The GovLab is an action research center based at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. It was founded by Beth Simone Noveck and Stefaan Verhulst i ..


ⓘ The GovLab

The GovLab is an action research center based at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. It was founded by Beth Simone Noveck and Stefaan Verhulst in 2012 with the goal of promoting the design of more open, effective and networked governing institutions using data, technology and crowdsourcing. The GovLab is also the chair of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance. In late 2018, GovLab announced the launch of The GovLab Madrid, an urban innovation laboratory created in collaboration with the City Council of Madrid.


1. GovLabs Notability

The GovLab is notable for its work in opening data on US corporations, creating an innovation agenda within governments, training civic leaders, and improving NHS Englands ability to expose and use data within its system. A GovLab co-founder is also a published contributor in Forbes, writing periodically about GovLabs work.

The GovLabs OpenData 500 project was described by TechRepublic as "using open government data to generate business and develop products.". InformationWeek described how the Open Data 500 project is going beyond traditional government run data conferences aka "datapaloozas" to "identify. examples of how freely available government data is being put to profitable use in the private sector."

The Knight Foundation described The GovLabs work as "finding new, better ways to do thing will be driven by experimentation and iteration, including experiments in community engagement." Gotham Gazette described the GovLab Academys work in training civic government officials to become more effective in using and developing open data strategies in their work.

Modern Healthcare described The GovLabs research work with NHS England, describing the outcomes of the work as increasing "the use of data to produce greater accountability within healthcare organizations, enable consumers to make better-informed choices when selecting providers, improve treatment outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and efficiency, and spur innovation and economic growth." In 2019, The GovLab was recognized for fighting corruption with the" NFP Shield” by the Shield in the Cloud Innovation Challenge, run by C5 Capital.


2. Summary of Projects

Much of The GovLab’s work involves using technology to connect government to expertise outside government, including among the citizenry and in the private sector. Some of the GovLab’s areas of focus are:

  • Open Data: Open Data 500,Open Datas Impact, Open Data Era in Health and Social Care. The Australian National Government announced official partnership with GovLabs Open Data 500 project to study the impact of open data on governance. Englands National Health Service developed a report with GovLabs help on open data relating to health and social care.
  • Open government: The World Bank and GovLab study the impact of Open government in collaboration with partners such as Global Integrity, Results for Development Institute and the Open Government Partnership.
  • Coaching & Mentorship: The GovLab Academy
  • Expert Networking: Network of Innovators, HHS Profiles
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