ⓘ San Domenico, Chieri. San Domenico is a Gothic-style, Roman Catholic church and convent located on Via San Domenico #1 in the town of Chieri, Province of Turin, ..


ⓘ San Domenico, Chieri

San Domenico is a Gothic-style, Roman Catholic church and convent located on Via San Domenico #1 in the town of Chieri, Province of Turin, region of Piedmont, Italy.


1. History

Initially, the Dominicans had been welcomed at the end of the 13th-century to Chieri by the Broglia family.

Construction of the church and convent began in the 14th-century, and over the next hundred years, chapels for wealthy families were added to the temple. The lateral windows have an organic rounded shape but the walls contain protruding pilasters that buttress the walls and facade each ends in a spire. The interior columns have bicoloured horizontal striations. On the lateral walls of the choir, above the wooden stalls, are two large canvases depicting the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes and a Resurrection of Lazarus by Guglielmo Caccia. The Chapel of the Rosary contains a canvas with the Virgin and Child and the Story of the Rosary also by il Moncalvo. The first chapel on the left houses a copy of a Deposition by Gaudenzio Ferrari, and of a painting by Guercino housed in the church of San Domenico, Turin.

The Dominican order still presides over the convent and church. A priest ordinated in this church, Giuseppe Girotti, died at Dachau on April 1, 1945, he was beatified at Alba on April 2014. A Statue in his honour has been placed in the church.

  • Riva presso Chieri is a comune municipality in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 15 kilometres 9 mi southeast
  • built near or above the chapel of San Paolo in 1325. Thereafter the church was officially dedicated to San Domenico but local residents continued to
  • who served as Bishop of Fossano 1678 1701 Maurizio Bertone was born in Chieri Italy on 6 May 1639 and ordained a priest in the Ordo Clericorum Regularium
  • born in the frazione hamlet of Becchi. Domenico Savio 1842 1857 saint, moved here from his birthplace, Chieri at the age of about 12 months. Independent
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  • for he was removed from his teaching duties and instead moved to the San Domenico convent in Turin. He became an opponent of the Italian Fascist regime
  • the war period in the north of Italy, first at Chieri 1940 42 then at Montalenghe 1942 45 At Chieri he was Director of the Salesian theology students
  • town of Chieri in Piedmont, northern Italy a son was born to Carlo and Brigitta Savio. He was given the name Domenico at baptism. The name Domenico means
  • Chieri at S. Maria della Scala there were an Archpriest, a Cantor, and ten canons. In Courgne there was a Provost and six Canons. In Giaveno, at San
  • Savoia. From 1427 to 1436 the seat of the university was transferred to Chieri and Savigliano. It was closed in 1536, and reestablished by Duke Emmanuel
  • centuries. His plans also required the demolition of the churches of San Domenico which belonged to the Dominican friars and Sant Antonio which belonged
  • Convitto in Sondrio for 12 years, and then director of the Ginnasio di Chieri near Turin. He was Archpriest of Sondrio. L eco del Purgatorio pubblicazione
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