ⓘ Big Brother Mexico, season 4. Big Brother 2015 is the fourth regular season of Big Brother Mexico, aired by Televisa through Canal 5. This is the shows revival ..


ⓘ Big Brother Mexico (season 4)

Big Brother 2015 is the fourth regular season of Big Brother Mexico, aired by Televisa through Canal 5. This is the shows revival in the country after being off the air for ten years, and its executive producer is Miguel Angel Fox, one of the countrys most recognized television producers. As soon as the announcement of the new season was made in June 2015, castings began both online and through open calls that took place between June and August 2015 all over Mexico.

After much speculation, on September 10, 2015 it was announced that Season 1 host Adela Micha will return to host Big Brother Mexico and the premiered on September 21, 2015 on Canal 5. As they did with the first instalment, Sky will once again provide the 24/7 live coverage of the house.


1. Format

According to Fox, this season is going to be a more ambitious project than its ever been before. When asked by reporters about what will be the difference between this updated version of the show versus the ones aired more than ten years ago, Fox states that for this season all challenges will mix extreme and environmental-friendly elements, that itll be a more psychological experience and also the interaction with viewers with social media.


2. Housemates

During the press conference held to announce the show, its executive producer, Miguel Angel Fox, confirmed that a total of 15 contestants will enter the house. Casting calls began on July 11, 2015 and where held in Guadalajara, Merida, Tijuana, Culiacan, Monterrey & Mexico City.


2.1. Housemates Official Housemates

On Launch Night, host Adela Micha announced that on Day 1 September 21, 2015, only 7 housemates will actually enter the House that night, the other 7 official housemates will enter on Day 2 September 22, 2015. The official housemates are:

Day 1s seventh and final housemate, Daniel Villareal, instead of being an actual housemate, hes the Audience Player, his stay wont be a long one, however hell play under the audiences instructions during his stay in the house. His original place will be occupied by one of the 3 candidates. He left the House on Day 11, following Fannys eviction and was replaced by Eduardo.


2.2. Housemates Secret Housemates

On September 19, 2015, three potential housemates entered a "Secret Room" inside the house, and theyll stay there for the upcoming 6 days and the public will vote on Canal 5s page on which one of them will become the 15th housemate of this season. The candidates are: