ⓘ The Voice of Poland, season 3. It was announced that Justyna Steczkowska will not return because of her pregnancy and work commitments. After her resignation ru ..


ⓘ The Voice of Poland (season 3)

It was announced that Justyna Steczkowska will not return because of her pregnancy and work commitments. After her resignation rumors had been circulating that Doda may replace her. However, this information has been soon debunked by TVP. Ewa Farna, Monika Brodka, Edyta Gorniak and Maria Peszek were said to join the show. On 2 July 2013, Maria Peszek confirmed that she had received a proposition from the production team, but she hadnt accepted it. Anita Lipnicka, Renata Przemyk, Anna Wyszkoni, Kasia Kowalska, Kasia Nosowska, Urszula, Maria Sadowska and Anna Maria Jopek were also said to be in the running for the role. Tomson & Baron from Afromental and Marek Piekarczyk were expected to return for the next series. On 22 July 2013, Patrycja Markowska announced she would be leaving the show to concentrate on her career.

After weeks of speculations, on 29 July 2013, Marek Piekarczyk, Tomson & Baron, Maria Sadowska and Edyta Gorniak were revealed as the judging panel. All hosts from the previous season were said to return. However, Iga Krefft did not return as a V-Reporter.


1. The Knockouts

Before each knockout round the coach chooses two artists from their team to get a "fast pass" to the live shows, the remaining six artists from that team are then split up into two groups of three. At the end of each knockout round the coach then decides out of the three artists who wins, and therefore makes up their four artists to take to the live shows.


2. Contestants appearances on earlier talent shows

  • Mateusz Ziolko reached the final on the first season of Mam talent!. Later, he was a semifinalist on season four of Must Be the Music. Tylko muzyka.
  • Dorota Theisebach, Joanna Smajdor, Joanna Kaszta, Magdalena Meisel and Kaja Tyzenhauz were contestants on first season of Bitwa na glosy.
  • Nella Marczewski was a contestant on the second and third season of X Factor. She failed to get through the Bootcamp stage both seasons.
  • Natalia Krakowiak and Estera Wrona appeared on childrens talent show Od przedszkola do Opola.
  • Many of the contestants sang in Szansa na sukces.
  • Aleksandra Pieczara sang in the blind auditions of season one of The Voice of Poland and joined Ania Dabrowskas team. She was eliminated in the Sing-off stage, right before the live shows.
  • Estera Wrona, Rafal Sekulak, Dorota Lembicz and Kacper Andrzejewski appeared on second season of Bitwa na glosy.
  • Malgorzata Nakonieczna sang in the blind auditions of season two of The Voice of Poland and failed to make a team, but was able to turn chairs this season.
  • Michal Grobelny reached the semifinals on the third season of Mam talent!.
  • Barbara Gasienica-Giewont, Malgorzata Nakonieczna, Patrycja Michalska, Magdalena Banasiuk, Patryk Komosa and Krzysztof Spychala appeared on third season of Bitwa na glosy.
  • Monika Wisniowska and Lukasz Szuba are part of a group Soul City which had competed on the second season of X Factor. They placed fifth.
  • Joanna Smajdor, along with Katarzyna Kowalczuk, performed in season two of Mam talent!. They were eliminated in semifinal.
  • Monika Wisniowska competed on the fourth season of Idol. She advanced to the semifinals.
  • Patryk Komosa and Magdalena Meisel made it to the Bootcamp stage on X Factor season two.
  • Ida Zalewska and Pawel Zielinski appeared on Droga do Gwiazd seasons three and four respectively.
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