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Elementary Schools of Arlington County, Virginia

Arlington County has 24 Elementary Schools across the county. As of 2020, the biggest Elementary School is McKinley Elementary School, with a student population of 783, followed by Ashlawn Elementary School and Abingdon Elementary School. The smallest Elementary School is Charles Drew Elementary School, with a student population of 438, followed by Campbell Elementary School and Barcroft Elementary School.

Jacob G. Neff

Neff entered the Confederate States Army and took the rank of Captain. He was injured several times during the conflict, but remained in service. He returned to his farm after the war. Soon after, he was made Sheriff for Shenandoah County, but retired early from the position.

W. A. Sager

In September 1895, the Republicans, Populists and Prohibitionists of Shenandoah County gathered to nominate a candidate to the Virginia House of Delegates. While the Republican James G. McCune was expected to win, the Prohibitionists had a majority and Sager was nominated. Under the banner of the Honest Election Party, Sager was elected to the House in November 1895. McCune was elected State Senator for the county under the same banner.

J. Homer Copp

In 1919, he was the Republican candidate for Shenandoah County in the Virginia House of Delegates, against Democratic candidate George H. Snarr. He won with 1872 votes compared to Snarrs 1243.

Jimmy Lee Smith

Jimmy Lee Smith, also known as Youngblood was an American criminal who assisted Gregory Powell with the kidnapping of Los Angeles Police Department officers Ian Campbell and Karl Francis Hettinger on the night of March 9, 1963. There, Smith and Powell took Campbell and Hettinger to an onion field near Bakersfield, California where Campbell was fatally shot. Infamously known as one of the "Onion Field" killers, Smiths story was depicted in Joseph Wambaughs 1973 nonfiction book The Onion Field. The book was adapted into a 1979 feature film of the same name in which Smith was portrayed by Fra ...

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