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Acceptable Market Name

In U.S. food regulations, an Acceptable Market Name is a set of guidelines for names of seafood sold in interstate commerce. The Acceptable Market Names are recommendations, and not legally enforceable.

Adulteration of Coffee Act 1718

The Adulteration of Coffee Act 1718 was an Act of Parliament of the Parliament of Great Britain concerning the adulteration of coffee, which made it illegal to debase coffee.


Ag-gag laws are anti-whistleblower laws that apply within the agriculture industry. Popularized by Mark Bittman in an April 2011 New York Times column, the term ag-gag typically refers to state laws in the United States of America that forbid undercover filming or photography of activity on farms without the consent of their owner - particularly targeting whistleblowers of animal rights abuses at these facilities. Although these laws originated in the United States, they have also begun to appear elsewhere, such as in Australia and France. Some of these laws, such as the failed proposal in ...

American Agricultural Law Association

The American Agricultural Law Association is a professional organization focusing on the legal needs of the agricultural community in the United States. The association was founded in 1980. The AALA’s stated vision Is: That excellent information, advice, and counsel on all issues of agricultural law and law affecting rural communities are readily accessible to those who will benefit therefrom, including farmers, agribusinesses, businesses associated with and serving agriculture, members of the legal profession, educators, policy-makers, and interested members of the public; and That the la ...

Animal Health Act 1981

The Animal Health Act 1981 is a piece of UK legislation that provides powers for the control of outbreaks of avian influenza and Newcastle disease. These powers were extended by a statutory instrument. It was amended by the Animal Health and Welfare Act 1984. It was amended in 2002 to provide more powers to deal with foot and mouth disease, a problem that in 2001 bedevilled herds during the Blair ministry. The Act provides for: preparation and review of a national contingency plan powers for veterinary inspectors to enter premises to ascertain whether disease anti-bodies exist, whether any ...

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