ⓘ 1930s United States civil utility aircraft ..

ACE Aircraft Falcon

The Falcon is a two-place, strut-braced high-wing conventional geared aircraft. The fuselage is constructed of welded steel tubing and fabric covering. The engine was a 42 hp two cylinder model made by ACE. A Continental A40 could be purchased for an extra $200.

GeeBee C-8 Eightster

The C-8 was an uncompleted design for a single-engine airliner, a wire-braced low-wing monoplane with conventional landing gear and a radial engine. Entry was from a small left rear door in the fuselage. Passenger visibility came from three semi-circular windows along each side. The main landing gear was faired similar to the Gee-Bee racers. The Granville brothers also designed a series of sportster derivatives, including the C-4 Fourster and C-6 Sixster. The C-8 was the only one to be constructed, being partially completed by the time the company went into liquidation.

Thaden T-4

The Thaden T-4 Argonaut was a 1930s American four-seat all-metal cabin monoplane built by the Thaden Metal Aircraft Company of San Francisco, California.

Vega Model 2 Starliner

The Vega Model 2 Starliner was a prototype five-seat feeder airliner produced by the Vega Airplane Company, a subsidiary of Lockheed. It was designed to be powered by an unusual powerplant, consisting of two Menasco piston engines coupled together to drive a single propeller. A single example was built, flying in 1939, but no production followed.

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