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Citizens' Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby is an international grassroots environmental group that trains and supports volunteers to build relationships with their elected representatives in order to influence climate policy. The CCL is a registered 501 with approximately 0 thousand in revenue in the United States in 2015. Operating since 2007, the goal of CCL is to build political support across party lines to put a price on carbon, specifically a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend at the national level. CCL is supported by notable climate scientists James Hansen, Katharine Hayhoe, and Daniel Kammen. CC ...

Commercial state

The commercial state concept is sometimes associated with Adam Fergusons concept of civil society and refers to a government or political state devoted primarily to the promotion and advancement of commercial interests. Ferguson, Adam Smith and other representatives of the Scottish Enlightenment were more likely to use the term commercial society. The underlying idea of the commercial state can also be linked to the American School of Economics. In its modern manifestation, national, state and local governments which pursue business and commercial development and other forms of economic an ...


Corporatization is the process of transforming state assets, government agencies, or municipal organizations into corporations. It refers to a restructuring of government and public organizations into their administration. The result of corporatization is the creation of state-owned corporations where the government retains a majority ownership of the corporations stock. In contrast, the term may also refer to the construction of state corporatism, where state-owned corporations are created and delegated public joint-stock, publicly listed companies, in order to introduce corporate and bus ...

Dahrendorf hypothesis

The Dahrendorf hypothesis is the name given to a hypothesis by the German-British political scientist Ralf Dahrendorf, which states that diversity is desirable in economic policies across time and space according to local needs. Dahrendorf argues that societies are quite considerably different from each other, and that any one set of economic policies will not be equally well adapted to all societies e.g. the same policies will not work as well in poor, subsistence economies as they will in advanced industrial economies. The Dahrendorf hypothesis was developed in opposition to many traditi ...

Debt clock

A debt clock is a public counter, which displays the government debt of a public corporation, usually of a state, and which visualizes the progression through an update every second. Because of the mirror-image correlation between liabilities and accounts receivable meanwhile there are assets clocks or property clocks also, which visualize the private and state assets. Clocks to display the national interest charge are called interest clocks.


Econocracy defines a society in which improving the economy has become the main purpose of politics and economic policymaking has become a technocratic process. The term econocrat was first coined by Peter Self in 1976 to describe those with the professional training that qualifies them in the eyes of society as an expert on the economy. The term Econocracy was then developed by several different writers in 2016 to talk about how the economy and economists themselves have come to play a central role in modern societies.

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