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Filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira was honored at the 2006 Autoclassico at Exponor, Porto where his 1938 film "Ja Se Fabricam Automoveis em Portugal" was shown after being lost for decades. It features footage of the factory and the Edfor cars. At that time, he also came across the 1936 Edfor V8 that he had raced in his youth. The car had been recently restored by the current owner, a German by the name of Axel Walter, and was on display. It had been found in a Portuguese junkyard in 1974 and exported to Germany without any knowledge of the cars exceptional origins. In 2002, the current owner di ...



Entreposto is a Portuguese commercial and industrial group of companies. In 1982 it introduced Sado 550, a microcar with a 547cc two-cylinder Daihatsu AB20 engine. Around 500 were produced between 1982 and 1984, a few of which survive to this date.


Marlei (car)

The Marlei was a racing car built in Portugal by Mario Moreira Leite in the 1950s. It featured an aluminum body and Opel engine. Similar racing cars were constructed in Portugal during the same period when car races became very popular, including the DM, the Alba, the Olda, the FAP and the Etnerap.

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