ⓘ Mogollon mountain wolf. The Mogollon mountain wolf is an extinct subspecies of gray wolf whose range once included southern and western Texas and northeastern M ..


ⓘ Mogollon mountain wolf

The Mogollon mountain wolf is an extinct subspecies of gray wolf whose range once included southern and western Texas and northeastern Mexico. It is darker than its more northern cousins, and has a highly arched frontal bone.


1. Taxonomy

This wolf is recognized as a subspecies of Canis lupus in the taxonomic authority Mammal Species of the World 2005.

Because of its overlapping range with the Mexican wolf, along with the Texas wolf, it was proposed by biologists Bogan and Mehlhop for the Mogollon mountain wolf and the Texas wolf to be considered subspecies as the Mexican wolf. This was because the Mogollon mountain wolf was seen as merely a possible middle subspecies between the Mexican wolf and the Southern Rocky Mountains wolf, thus making it unnecessary to distinguish taxonomically. This was accepted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 1982 and a "zone of subspecies intergradation" was recognized soon thereafter, extending from the southern Rocky Mountains to the northern tip of the Mexican wolfs range.

The NCBI/Genbank has an entry for Canis lupus mogollonensis and a separate entry for Canis lupus baileyi.

  • irremotus Southern Rocky Mountain wolf Canis lupus youngi Cascade mountain wolf Canis lupus fuscus Mogollon mountain wolf Canis lupus mogollonensis
  • around 4, 850 feet 1, 480 m are the lowest in the wilderness. The Mogollon Mountains traverse an arc across the wilderness. The tallest peak within this
  • place CDP in Navajo County, Arizona, United States. Situated atop the Mogollon Rim, the community lies at an elevation of 6, 627 feet 2, 020 m The population
  • number of them have gone extinct. The nominate subspecies is the Eurasian wolf Canis lupus lupus. In 1758, the Swedish botanist and zoologist Carl Linnaeus
  • the Rocky Mountains Whitewater Baldy, highest summit of the Mogollon Mountains Algonquin Peak Anthony s Nose Beacon Mountain Bear Mountain Breakneck Ridge
  • desert rat - kangaroo was last recorded. 1935 - The Mogollon mountain wolf and the Southern Rocky Mountains wolf were hunted to extinction. 1936 - The last thylacine
  • Huichol Kiliwa, Baja California Kumiai Kumeyaay Baja California Mayo Mogollon culture, ca. 200 1500 CE, also Oasisamerica Monqui, Baja California Opata
  • to the south by the Mogollon Rim and the Sonoran Desert, to the west by the Mojave Desert, and to the east by the Rocky Mountains and the Llano Estacado
  • around 500 AD. This culture began to decline in the ninth century. The Mogollon culture has been described in the northern foothills. Sites date the emergence
  • 2015. Gray Wolf Canis lupus Fact Sheet, 2014 San Diego Zoo Global Library. Retrieved 13 July 2015. Types of Wolves International Wolf Center. Retrieved
  • 6 ft 7 in gray wolf to the 46 cm 18 in fennec fox. Population sizes range from the Falkland Islands wolf extinct since 1876, to the wolf whose domestic
  • the northeast part of Oswego County, New York Mogollon former mining town located in the Mogollon Mountains in Catron County, New Mexico. The place was