ⓘ Amazonlily. Eucharis is a genus of about 15-20 species of Neotropical plants in the Amaryllis family, native to Central America and South America, from Guatemal ..


ⓘ Amazon lily

Eucharis is a genus of about 15-20 species of Neotropical plants in the Amaryllis family, native to Central America and South America, from Guatemala south to Bolivia. Some species have become naturalized in Mexico, the West Indies, and scattered tropical islands. The English name Amazon lily is sometimes used for all species in the genus, but is particularly used for Eucharis amazonica and Eucharis × grandiflora, which are often confused.


1. Description

Eucharis is a perennial with a bulb 2–6 cm 1–2 in diameter. The broad-stalked leaves are 20–55 cm 8–22 in long and 10–20 cm 4–8 in broad. The large showy white flowers are borne in an umbel of three to ten on an erect scape 40–80 cm 16–31 in long. The flowers resemble narcissus flowers in having a prominent central cup or corona, which is sometimes tinged with green.


2. Cultivation and uses

Eucharis amazonica and the hybrid Eucharis × grandiflora are the best-known and most generally cultivated species.

It is propagated by removing the offsets, which may be done in spring, potting them singly in 15 cm pots. It requires good loamy soil, with enough sand to keep the compost open, and should have a good supply of water. A temperature of 18° to 20 °C during the night, and rising to 25 °C in the day. During summer growth is to be encouraged by repotting, but the plants should afterwards be slightly rested by removal to a night temperature of about 15 °C, water being withheld for a time, though they must not be left dry for too long, the plant being an evergreen. By the turn of the year they may again have more heat and more water, and this will probably induce them to flower.

With a stock of the smaller plants to start them in succession, it is possible to have plants in flower all the year round.

A hybrid has been raised between Eucharis and the allied genus Urceolina and given the hybrid name × Urceocharis.


3.1. Species Accepted species

The following are species which are currently included within this genus.

  • Eucharis plicata Meerow - Peru San Martin, Bolivia Beni
  • Eucharis moorei Baker Meerow - Ecuador, Peru
  • Eucharis ulei Kraenzl. - Colombia Amazonas, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil Amazonas + Acre
  • † Eucharis lehmannii Regel - Cauca Department in Colombia but extinct
  • Eucharis corynandra Ravenna - Cajamarca Region of Peru
  • Eucharis bakeriana N.E.Br. - San Martin Region of Peru
  • Eucharis caucana Meerow - Colombia
  • Eucharis formosa Meerow - Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • Eucharis candida Planch. & Linden - Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • Eucharis astrophiala Ravenna - Ecuador
  • Eucharis oxyandra Ravenna - Huanuco Region of Peru
  • Eucharis amazonica Linden ex Planch. - Peru; naturalized in Mexico, Venezuela, Central America, West Indies, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Ascension Island, Society Islands
  • Eucharis castelnaeana Baill. J.F.Macbr. - Colombia Amazonas, Peru Loreto, Brazil Amazonas
  • Eucharis cyaneosperma Meerow - Bolivia La Paz + Beni, Peru, Brazil Amazonas + Acre
  • Eucharis bonplandii Kunth Traub - Colombia
  • Eucharis sanderi Baker - Colombia
  • Eucharis bouchei Woodson & P.Allen - Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama
  • Eucharis × grandiflora Planch. & Linden - Colombia, Ecuador


3.2. Species Formerly Included

Several plants that were once placed within the genus Eucharis have since been reclassified to other genera Caliphruria, Mathieua and Plagiolirion.

  • American Civil War Amazon lily Eucharis grandiflora African lily Agapanthus africanus Arum lily Arum Bead lily Clintonia Belladonna lily Amaryllis Blackberry
  • species of flowering plant, the largest of the Nymphaeaceae family of water lilies It is the National flower of Guyana. The species has very large leaves
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