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List of gaps in Interstate Highways

There are gaps in the Interstate Highway system, where the roadway carrying an Interstate shield does not conform to the standards set by the Federal Highway Administration, the body that sets the regulations for the Interstate Highway System. For the most part, the Interstate Highway System in the United States is a connected system, with most freeways completed; however, some Interstates still have gaps. These gaps can be due to unconnected segments of the same route or from failure of the road to fully conform to Interstate standards by including such things as at-grade crossings, traff ...

List of United States Numbered Highways

The following is a list of United States numbered highways. It includes U.S. Numbered Highways both past and present, with the former shaded in gray. Three-digit subsidiaries are grouped with their one- or two-digit parent. The list is based on American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials definitions, with up-to-date details on extensions and truncations, though distances are as of 1989. Discrepancies with state specifications are noted. There are several U.S. Highways that exist entirely within one state. Since the current policy on numbering and designating US Highw ...

List of state routes in Alabama

The State Route System in Alabama uses the standard numbering convention: odd numbers signify a north-south state route, and even numbers signify an east-west route. Often more than one route number shares the same roadway, so identifying which route the mile markers are for is often difficult. In no case does a state route number mirror a U.S. Highway number. As such, the following state routes do not exist: 11, 29, 31, 43, 45, 72, 78, 80, 82, 84, 90, 98, 231, 278, 280, 331, 411, or 431.

List of Alaska Routes

Alaska Routes are both numbered and named. There have been only twelve numbers issued, and the numbering often has no obvious pattern. For example, Alaska Route 4 runs north and south, whereas Alaska Route 2 runs largely east and west, but runs north and south passing through and to the north of Fairbanks. The Klondike Highway, built in 1978, was unnumbered until 1998, when it was given its designation during the centennial of the Klondike Gold Rush. However, many Alaskan highways of greater length than the Klondike Highway remain unnumbered. Mileposts, frequently used for road markers and ...

List of numbered routes in Delaware

The following is a List of numbered routes in Delaware, consisting of Interstate highways, U.S. routes, and state routes. The Delaware Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining numbered roads in Delaware. State routes in Delaware use the circular highway shield. Delawares numbering system mirrors that of U.S. Highways in that odd numbered highways travel north-south and even numbered routes go east-west. The numbers increase in value as one goes south and west respectively. There are some exceptions, however, mainly with routes from other states keeping their number as th ...


ⓘ Lists of roads in the United States

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