ⓘ List of Jackie Chan Adventures episodes. Jackie Chan Adventures in an animated television series chronicling the adventures of a fictionalized version of action ..


ⓘ List of Jackie Chan Adventures episodes

Jackie Chan Adventures in an animated television series chronicling the adventures of a fictionalized version of action film star Jackie Chan. This series ran on Kids WB from September 9, 2000 to July 8, 2005 for a total of 95 episodes, and had 5 seasons. During its run, it was also shown on Cartoon Network, and afterwards its reruns landed on Toon Disneys Jetix block. An Arabic translation has been airing on MBC 3 since early 2006. There have been several toys and video games based on the series. The series ended on July 8, 2005 just five episodes away from its 100th.


1.1. Episodes Season 1 2000–01: The Twelve Talismans

Jackie Chan, an archaeologist in this series, gets caught up in a conflict between government agency Section 13 and a criminal syndicate known as "the Dark Hand." Led by Valmont, the Dark Hand is collecting magical talismans to reanimate an ancient draconic demon known as Shendu. Jackie also has to keep an eye on his adventurous niece, Jade, who has just flown in from Hong Kong. Jackie Chan, Jade, and his uncle must do all they can to stop evil from obtaining these powerful talismans and must embark on many missions to save the world from evil.

There are twelve mystical talismans of the Chinese zodiac. Each possessing different mystical abilities and powers:

  • Levitation & Telekinesis used in conjunction with superhuman speed bestow wingless flight
  • Combustion/Pyrokinesis
  • Superhuman Strength & Superhuman Durability
  • Astral Projection & Intangibility
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Animal shapeshifting
  • Reanimation
  • Invisibility
  • Longevity & decelerated aging
  • Heat Vision
  • Balance/Light and Dark Separation

All of the talismans were created 900 years ago when ancient and good chi wizards imprisoned Shendu in a stone tablet, dividing his powers into 12 talismans.


1.2. Episodes Season 2 2001–02: The Demon Portals

Tohru has reformed and is studying as Uncles apprentice. Shendu has been destroyed and his spirit is banished to a dimensional prison, where his seven demonic siblings are not happy with his failure to rescue them. In a last-ditch attempt to save his time and his life, he convinces the demons to allow him to be out so he can possess somebody, namely Jackie Chan. In order to keep track of where he is, the Demons place a curse on him, forcing his ghost to stay in whatever body he possesses. Shendu goes after Jackie, but accidentally possesses Valmont instead. Through never-ending conflict, Valmont is forced to work along with Shendu to release the Demon Sorcerers from their confinement. This season also introduces the Dark Chi Wizard Daolon Wong.

Some episodes in this season occur out of order or depict events that occurred during the first season but were never shown. This is most notable due to the fact that Tohru is still working for the Dark Hand and Shendu is still in his stone body. Other episodes, while having been aired throughout the main story arc, may not have aired in chronological order, given that some channels premiered all the demon arc episodes before the other episodes in this season. Although The Dark Hand appears in Showdown In The Old West and Enter The Cat, Chow does not.

Here is an explanation of the above chronology confusion provided by one of the shows producers: the Demon Portal arc consists of 13 episodes for the Saturday morning time slot. The other 26 episodes of Season 2 were standalone adventures that possibly aired in Kids WBs afternoon slot. These included the 3 "Lost Talisman" episodes Through the Rabbit Hole; The Warrior Incarnate; Snake Hunt. Kids WB was so enamored with the Talismans from the first season that the shows producers devised a way to revisit 3 of them in new episodes, by concocting "missing timeline" incidents. In theory, these 3 episodes could be dropped in beside their related episodes in Season One. Furthermore, some episodes of the Season 2 Demon Portal arc originally aired out of sequence order. The following lists the correct order the Demon Portal arc was intended to be viewed.

JCA#201 - The Stronger Evil JCA#202 - The J-Team JCA#203 - Jade Times Jade JCA#205 - And He Does His Own Stunts JCA#206 - Queen of the Shadowkhan JCA#204 - Rumble in the Big House JCA#209 - Demon in Di-Skies aka Tale of a Demon Tail JCA#207 - Shanghai Moon JCA#208 - Armor of the Gods JCA#210 - The New Atlantis JCA#211 - The Eighth Door JCA#212 - Demon World - Part One JCA#213 - Demon World - Part Two


1.3. Episodes Season 3 2002–03: The Talisman-Powered Animals

Daolon Wong and the Dark Hand simultaneously attack Section 13 in search of the Talismans. In an attempt to stop them, Jackie accidentally destroys the Talismans but this scattered their power around the world, this time to reside in host animals. Now, Jackie must find the most noble animal of each zodiac symbol before Daolon Wong takes possession of the scattered powers.


1.4. Episodes Season 4 2003–04: The Oni Masks

The Oni Masks saga: In an attempt to free himself from prison, Daolon Wong attempts to re-summon the Shadowkhan, only to awaken Tarakudo, the Lord of all Oni and King of the Shadowkhan. Jackie and co must now locate the nine Oni masks which contain the souls of Tarukudos generals and therefore allow the wearer to summon a different tribe of Shadowkhan. This season also introduces Drago, Shendus son from the future who seeks to fulfill his fathers goals by bringing forth the Age of Dragons, as well as Strikemaster Ice and his two cronies DJ Fist and MC Cobra. A running joke in this season is that Hak Foo wanted the masks but someone else always got them, and when he did get one his Shadowkhan were tiny.


1.5. Episodes Season 5 2004–05: The Demon Powers

In the fifth and final season, Drago escapes from Section 13 and double-crosses Shendu, and its another race around the world as Jackie must locate seven cursed objects of the Immortals that imprisoned Shendus siblings, The Demon Sorcerers Dragos aunts and uncles which are all imbued with their Demonic Power before Drago does. The Dragon Talisman is shown in the background of every episode.

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