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The European Food Information Council is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation. It was established in 1995 to provide science-based information on food safety, food quality, health and nutrition to the public. EUFIC is supported by companies of the European food and drinks industries, the European Commission and Foundations.

European Food Information Resource Network

EuroFIR is a non-profit international association, which supports use of existing food composition data and future resources through cooperation and harmonization of data quality, functionality and global standards. The purpose of the association is the development, management, publication and exploitation of food composition data, and the promotion of international cooperation and harmonization through improved data quality, food composition database searchability and standards, for example, with the European Committee for Standardization on the standard for food data. Other work includes ...

Food and Agriculture Organization

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security. Its Latin motto, fiat panis, translates to "let there be bread". Founded in October 1945, the FAO is the oldest existing agency of the U.N. The FAO is headquartered in Rome, Italy and maintains regional and field offices around the world, operating in over 130 countries. It helps governments and development agencies coordinate their activities to improve and develop agriculture, forestry, fisheri ...

International Olive Council

The International Olive Council) is an intergovernmental organisation of states that produce olives or products derived from olives, such as olive oil. Originally established in 1959 under the 1955 International Agreement on Olive Oil, the IOC seeks to promote the international trade in olive products, part of which it does by establishing and ensuring adherence to grading standards for those products. The organisations members account for more than 98% of global olive production. The IOCs headquarters are in Madrid, Spain.

International Pepper Community

The International Pepper Community is an intergovernmental organisation of pepper or peppercorn producing countries. The International Pepper Community was established In Bangkok on 16 April 1971, the Agreement establishing the International Pepper Community was concluded. After this treaty came into force on 29 March 1972, the IPC was created. IPC headquarters are located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Six states have ratified the IPC Agreement and are thus full members of the IPC: Brazil since 1981, India 1972, Indonesia 1972, Malaysia 1972, Sri Lanka 2002, and Vietnam 2005. Papua New Guinea and ...

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. The name is often used generically to refer to home-delivered meals programs, not all of which are actually named "Meals on Wheels". Because they are housebound, many of the recipients are the elderly, and many of the volunteers are also elderly but able-bodied and able to drive automobiles. Research shows that home-delivered meal programs significantly improve diet quality, increase nutrient intakes, reduce food insecurity and improve quality-of-life among the rec ...

Spirits Europe

spiritsEUROPE represents the interests of the spirits sector from 31 national associations and 8 leading multinational companies. Bacardi-Martini Pernod Ricard Diageo Brown-Forman Davide Campari Milano Remy Cointreau Moet Hennessy Beam Suntory

Stop Wasting Food

Stop Wasting Food is a Danish consumer organization that works for the reduction of food waste in society. It was established in 2008 by Selina Juul, who acts as the movements day-to-day leader and spokesperson. The organization is run by volunteers and does not count on a permanent membership. The goal of Stop Wasting Food is to spread the message that it is economically irresponsible to dispose of edible food at any point in the food-production chain, from producers to shops and restaurants to homes. The Danish Agriculture and Food Council has estimated that Denmark wastes over 700.000 t ...

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