ⓘ List of Premonstratensian monasteries in France. This article is a list of Premonstratensian monasteries in France, that is to say, monasteries or nunneries bel ..


ⓘ List of Premonstratensian monasteries in France

This article is a list of Premonstratensian monasteries in France, that is to say, monasteries or nunneries belonging to the Premonstratensian Order of canons regular, following the Rule of St. Augustine. In the early days of the order its foundations were mostly double monasteries, viz., communities containing both canons and nuns. After a few decades however the joint houses were separated.

The dates given, unless otherwise indicated, are the dates when an establishment began and ended its Premontratensian career, which is not necessarily the same as its lifespan as a religious house.

Extant abbeys are indicated by bold characters.

Dependent priories are not listed.


1. A

  • Avigny Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame dAvigny, Diocese of Chalons, later Diocese of Langres Hallignicourt, Haute-Marne
  • Abbey of St. Marianus, Auxerre Abbaye Saint-Marien dAuxerre 1139-1790, Diocese of Auxerre, later Diocese of Sens Auxerre, Yonne
  • Ardenne Abbey Abbaye dArdenne or Abbaye Notre-Dame dArdenne, Diocese of Bayeux 1150-1790 Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe, Calvados
  • St. John the Baptists Abbey, Amiens Abbaye Saint-Jean-Baptiste dAmiens, Diocese of Amiens 1135-1790 Amiens, Somme
  • Abbecourt Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame dAbbecourt, Diocese of Chartres, later Diocese of Versailles 1180-1790 Orgeval, Yvelines
  • Arthous Abbey Abbaye dArthous or Abbaye Notre-Dame dArthous, Diocese of Aire and Dax c. 1160-1790 Hastingues, Landes

2. B

  • Bonfays Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bonfays, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Saint-Die Legeville-et-Bonfays, Vosges
  • Bucilly Abbey Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Bucilly, Diocese of Laon, later Diocese of Soissons Bucilly, Aisne
  • Abbey of St. Yved, Braine Abbaye Saint-Yved de Braine, Diocese of Soissons Braine, Aisne
  • Blanchelande Abbey Abbaye de Blanchelande or Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Nicolas de Blanchelande, Diocese of Coutances 1154- Neufmesnil, Manche
  • Beaulieu Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Beaulieu, Diocese of Troyes Trannes, Aube
  • Beauport Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Beauport, Diocese of Saint-Brieuc Paimpol, Cotes-dArmor
  • Bassefontaine Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Bassefontaine, Diocese of Troyes 1143-1773 Brienne-la-Vieille, Aube
  • Belval Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Belval, Diocese of Reims Belval-Bois-des-Dames, Ardennes
  • Belle-Etoile Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Belle-Etoile, Diocese of Bayeux, later Diocese of Seez 1216-? Cerisy-Belle-Etoile, Orne
  • Benoite-Vaux Abbey Abbaye de Benoite-Vaux, Diocese of Verdun Rambluzin-et-Benoite-Vaux, Meuse
  • Bellozanne Abbey or Bellosanne Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bellozanne or Bellosanne, Diocese of Rouen 1198-? Bremontier-Merval, Seine-Maritime
  • Belchamp Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Belchamp, Diocese of Besançon Voujeaucourt, Doubs
  • Bellevaux Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Paul de Bellevaux, Diocese of Nevers Limanton, Nievre

3. C

  • Chateaudieu Abbey Abbaye Saint-Martin de Chateaudieu, Diocese of Tournai, later Diocese of Arras, later Diocese of Cambrai Mortagne-du-Nord, Nord
  • Chambrefontaine Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Chambrefontaine, Diocese of Meaux 1190- Cuisy, Seine-et-Marne
  • Clermont Abbey Abbaye Saint-Andre de Clermont, Diocese of Clermont Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dome
  • Chaumont-la-Piscine Abbey Abbaye Saints Berthold et Arnaud de Chaumont-la-Piscine, Diocese of Reims Chaumont-Porcien, Ardennes
  • Chartreuve Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Chartreuve, Diocese of Soissons Chery-Chartreuve, Aisne
  • Cuissy Abbey or Cuisy Abbey Abbaye de Cuissy or Cuisy, or Abbaye Notre-Dame de Cuissy or Cuisy, Diocese of Laon, later Diocese of Soissons Cuissy-et-Geny, Aisne
  • Combelongue Abbey Abbaye de Combelongue or Abbaye Saint-Laurent de Combelongue, Diocese of Couserans, later Diocese of Pamiers 1238-1790 Rimont, Ariege
  • Chateau-lAbbaye Abbey Abbaye Saint-Martin de Chateau-lAbbaye, Diocese of Cambrai, later Diocese of Arras 1135-? Chateau-lAbbaye, Nord
  • Clairfontaine Abbey Abbaye Saint-Nicolas de Clairfontaine, Diocese of Soissons Clairfontaine, Aisne
  • Chapelle-aux-Planches Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de la Chapelle-aux-Planches, Diocese of Troyes, later Diocese of Langres Puellemontier, Haute-Marne
  • Abbaye Notre-Dame de la Capelle, Diocese of Toulouse Merville, Haute-Garonne
  • Case-Dieu or Case-de-Dieu Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de la Case-Dieu or Case-de-Dieu, Diocese of Auch Beaumarches, Gers
  • Corneux Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Corneux, Diocese of Besançon 1134-1790 Saint-Broing, Haute-Saone


4. D

  • Dommartin Abbey or Dompmartin Abbey, also St. Josses Abbey, Dommartin; formerly Saint-Josse-au-Bois Abbey Abbaye Saint-Josse de Dommartin or Dompmartin, Diocese of Arras, later Diocese of Amiens Tortefontaine, Pas-de-Calais
  • Dilo Abbey or Dilot Abbey Abbaye de Dilo or Dilot, or Abbaye Notre-Dame de lAssomption de Dilo or Dilot, Diocese of Sens 1132-? Arces-Dilo, Yonne
  • Divielle Abbey Abbaye de Divielle or Abbaye Notre-Dame de Divielle, Diocese of Amiens, later Diocese of Arras 1209-? Goos, Landes
  • Doue Abbey, Doe Abbey or Doe-en-Vellay Abbey Abbaye Saint-Jacques de Doue or Doe or Doe-en-Vellay, Diocese of Le Puy Saint-Germain-Laprade, Haute-Loire

5. E

  • Etival Abbey Abbaye Saint-Pierre dEtival, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Saint-Die Etival-Clairefontaine, Vosges
  • LEtanche Abbey or LEtang Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de lAnnonciation de lEtanche or lEtang, Diocese of Verdun Lamorville, Meuse
  • LEtoile Abbey Abbaye Sainte-Trinite et Saint-Sauveur de lEtoile, Diocese of Chartres, later Diocese of Blois Authon, Loir-et-Cher

6. F

  • Flabemont Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de lAssomption de Flabemont, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Saint-Die Tignecourt, Vosges
  • Falaise Abbey otherwise the Abbey of St John the Baptist, Falaise Abbaye Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Falaise, Diocese of Seez, later Diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux Falaise, Calvados
  • Frigolet Abbey Abbaye Saint-Michel de Frigolet, Diocese of Avignon, later Diocese of Aix and Arles Tarascon, Bouches-du-Rhone
  • Fontcaude Abbey Abbaye de Fontcaude or Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontcaude, Diocese of Narbonne, later Diocese of Montpellier 1179-1791 Cazedarnes, Herault


7. G

  • Genlis Abbey Abbaye Sainte-Elisabeth de Genlis, Diocese of Noyon, later Diocese of Soissons Villequier-Aumont, Aisne
  • Grandchamp Abbey Abbaye de Grandchamp or Abbaye Notre-Dame de Grandchamp, Diocese of Chartres, later Diocese of Versailles Grandchamp, Yvelines

8. H

  • Hermieres Abbey Abbaye Saint-Nicolas dHermieres, Diocese of Paris, later Diocese of Meaux Favieres, Seine-et-Marne
  • Huveaune Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame dHuveaune, Diocese of Marseille Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhone

9. J

  • Justemont Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de lAssomption de Justemont, Diocese of Metz Vitry-sur-Orne, Moselle
  • Jandeures Abbey or Jandures Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de lAssomption de Jandeures or Jandures, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Verdun Lisle-en-Rigault, Meuse
  • Jovilliers Abbey or Jovillers Abbey Abbaye de Jovilliers or Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Jovilliers or Jovillers, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Verdun Stainville, Meuse
  • Joyenval Abbey Abbaye de Joyenval or de Notre-Dame et Saint-Barthelemy de Joyenval, Diocese of Chartres, later Diocese of Versailles Chambourcy, Yvelines

10. L

  • Longwe Abbey Abbaye Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Longwe, Diocese of Reims Montgon, Ardennes
  • Lahonce Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Lahonce, Diocese of Bayonne Lahonce, Pyrenees-Atlantiques
  • Licques Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Licques, Diocese of Boulogne Licques, Pas-de-Calais
  • Lieu-Restaure Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Lieu-Restaure, Diocese of Soissons, later Diocese of Beauvais 1140-? Bonneuil-en-Valois, Oise
  • Lavaldieu Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Remi de Lavaldieu, Diocese of Reims Montherme, Ardennes
  • Lieu-Dieu Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Lieu-Dieu, Abbaye royale Notre-Dame de Lieu-Dieu, Diocese of Poitiers, later Diocese of Luçon,
  • Abbey of St. Martin, Laon Abbaye Saint-Martin de Laon, Diocese of Langres Laon, Aisne
  • La Lucerne Abbey Abbaye de la Lucerne or Abbaye de la Sainte-Trinite de la Lucerne, Diocese of Avranches, later Diocese of Coutances 1143-? La Lucerne-dOutremer, Manche


11. M

  • Mondaye Abbey Abbaye de Mondaye or Abbaye Saint-Martin de Mondaye, Diocese of Lisieux Juaye-Mondaye, Calvados
  • Marcheroux Abbey or Marche-Raoul Abbey Abbaye Saint-Nicolas de Marcheroux or Marche-Raoul, Diocese of Rouen Beaumont-les-Nonains, Oise
  • Mureau Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Mureau, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Saint-Die 1049-1790 Pargny-sous-Mureau, Vosges
  • Abbey of St. Cross and St. Eligius, Metz Abbaye Sainte-Croix et Saint-Eloi de Metz, Diocese of Metz Metz, Moselle
  • Mont-Saint-Martin Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame du Mont-Saint-Martin, Diocese of Cambrai, later Diocese of Soissons Gouy, Aisne
  • Moncetz Abbey or Moncels Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Moncetz or Moncels, Diocese of Chalons-sur-Marne Moncetz-lAbbaye, Marne

12. N

  • Neuffontaines Abbey Abbaye Saint-Gilbert de Neuffontaines, Diocese of Clermont, later Diocese of Moulins Saint-Didier-la-Forêt, Allier
  • Abbey of St. Joseph, Nancy Abbaye Saint-Joseph de Nancy, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Nancy-Toul Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle


13. P

  • Perray-Neuf Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame du Perray-Neuf, Diocese of Le Mans Precigne, Sarthe
  • Pont-à-Mousson Abbey Abbaye de Pont-à-Mousson or Abbaye Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Pont-à-Mousson, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Nancy Pont-à-Mousson, Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • Premontre Abbey Abbaye de Premontre or Abbaye Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Premontre, Diocese of Laon, later Diocese of Soissons; mother house of the order Anizy-le-Chateau, Aisne
  • Pleineselve Abbey Abbaye de Pleineselve, Diocese of Bordeaux Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde, Gironde

14. R

  • Ressons Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Ressons, Diocese of Rouen, later Diocese of Beauvais 1150-? Ressons-lAbbaye, Oise
  • Rieval Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Rieval, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Verdun Menil-la-Horgne, Meuse
  • Rengeval Abbey Abbaye Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Rengeval, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Verdun Geville, Meuse

15. S

  • Saint-Georges-des-Bois Abbey Abbaye Saint-Georges de Saint-Georges-des-Bois, Diocese of Le Mans, later Diocese of Blois Saint-Martin-des-Bois, Loir-et-Cher
  • Septfontaines Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Septfontaines-en-Thierache, Diocese of Reims Fagnon, Ardennes
  • Sainte-Marie-au-Bois Abbey Abbaye de Sainte-Marie-au-Bois, Diocese of Toul, later Diocese of Nancy Vilcey-sur-Trey, Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • Saint-Josse-au-Bois Abbey, see Dommartin Abbey
  • Saint-Augustin-les-Therouanne Abbey Abbaye de Saint-Augustin-les-Therouanne, Diocese of Therouanne, later Diocese of Saint-Omer, later Diocese of Arras Therouanne, Pas-de-Calais
  • Salival Abbey Abbaye de Salival or Abbaye Notre-Dame de la Nativite de Salival, Diocese of Metz
  • Sery Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sery-aux-Pres, Diocese of Amiens Bouttencourt, Somme
  • Selincourt Abbey Abbaye de Selincourt or Abbaye de la Sainte-Larme du Christ et Saint-Pierre de Selincourt, Diocese of Amiens
  • Abbey of St. Paul, Sens Abbaye Saint-Paul de Sens, Diocese of Sens, later Diocese of Sens-Auxerre Sens, Yonne
  • Silly Abbey Abbaye de Silly or Notre-Dame de lAssomption et Saint-Laurent de Silly, Diocese of Seez Silly-en-Gouffern, Orne
  • Saint-Just-en-Chaussee Abbey Abbaye Saint-Just de Saint-Just-en-Chaussee, Diocese of Beauvais Saint-Just-en-Chaussee, Oise
  • Septfontaines Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Nicolas de Septfontaines-en-Bassigny, Diocese of Langres Andelot-Blancheville, Haute-Marne
  • Saint-Andre-du-Bois Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Andre de Saint-Andre-du-Bois, Diocese of Amiens, later Diocese of Arras Gouy-Saint-Andre, Pas-de-Calais
  • Saint-Pierremont Abbey Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Saint-Pierremont, Diocese of Metz, later Diocese of Nancy Avril, Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • Saint-Jean-de-la-Castelle Abbey Abbaye Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Saint-Jean-de-la-Castelle, Diocese of Aire, later Diocese of Aire and Dax Duhort-Bachen, Landes


16. V

  • Vermand Abbey Abbaye de Vermand or Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Quentin de Vermand, Diocese of Noyon, later Diocese of Soissons Vermand, Aisne
  • Valsecret Abbey Abbaye Notre-Dame de Valsecret, Diocese of Soissons Brasles, Aisne
  • Vicogne Abbey Abbaye de Vicogne or Abbaye Saint-Blaise et Saint-Sebastien de Vicogne, Diocese of Arras, later Diocese of Cambrai 1132-1790 Raismes, Nord
  • Abbey of St. Paul, Verdun Abbaye Saint-Paul de Verdun, Diocese of Verdun Verdun, Meuse
  • Valchretien Abbey Abbaye de Valchretien or Abbaye Notre-Dame et Saint-Ghislain de Valchretien, Diocese of Soissons Bruyeres-sur-Fere, Aisne
  • Valsery Abbey Abbaye de Valsery or Abbaye Notre-Dame de Valsery, Diocese of Soissons Coeuvres-et-Valsery, Aisne
  • Vaas Abbey Abbaye de Vaas or Abbaye Notre-Dame de Vaas, Diocese of Le Mans 1726-1790 Vaas, Sarthe
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