ⓘ 50th Flying Training Squadron. The 50th Flying Training Squadron is part of the 14th Flying Training Wing based at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. It oper ..


ⓘ 50th Flying Training Squadron

The 50th Flying Training Squadron is part of the 14th Flying Training Wing based at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. It operates Northrop T-38C Talon aircraft conducting flight training.


1. Mission

Training Combat Pilots for America

The advanced phase of undergraduate pilot training is conducted by the 50th Flying Training Squadron. This phase consists of 101.69 hours of academic instruction, 69 hours of ground training, 36.9 hours of simulator instruction, and 69 sorties comprising 96.9 hours of flight instruction in the Northrop T-38C. Training includes advanced aircraft handling, tactical navigation, fluid maneuvering and an increased emphasis in two- and four-ship formation. At the completion of training, the graduate is awarded the aeronautical rating of pilot.


2. History

World War II

The 50th flew patrols on the West Coast of the United States from February–June 1942 then provided air defense of Iceland from August 1942-February 1944. It was not operational between February 1944 and its inactivation in August 1944.

Air Force reserves

The squadron was active in the reserve from 1947 to 1949.

Flying training

The squadron has conducted undergraduate pilot training since, 1 June 1972.


3. Lineage

  • Constituted as the 50th Pursuit Squadron Fighter on 20 November 1940
Activated on 15 January 1941 Redesignated 50th Fighter Squadron Twin Engine on 15 May 1942 Redesignated 50th Fighter Squadron, Two Engine on 28 February 1944 Disbanded on 9 August 1944
  • Reconstituted and redesignated 50th Fighter Squadron All Weather on 23 May 1947
Activated in the reserve on 12 June 1947 Inactivated on 27 June 1949
  • Redesignated 50th Flying Training Squadron on 22 Mar 1972
Activated on 1 June 1972


  • 14th Pursuit Group later 14th Fighter Group, 15 January 1941
  • Second Air Force, 12 June 1947
  • 14th Flying Training Wing, 1 Jun 1972
  • 381st Bombardment Group, 30 September 1947 – 27 June 1949
  • Eighth Air Force, February–9 Aug 1944 attached to 8th Reconnaissance Group Provisional)
  • 14th Operations Group, 15 December 1991 – present
  • 342d Composite Group, 14 November 1942
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