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Diesel locomotives of British Rail

British Rail operated a large number of different diesel locomotive types. The majority of these were built between 1955 and 1968. Many classes were rushed into service as part of the 1955 Modernisation Plan, but poor reliability and a rapid decline in rail transport meant that some would have very short service lives.

British Rail Class 37 renumbering

The 309 members of the class 37 underwent many changes in their long career on British railways. Under the TOPS system each change was reflected in a change of identity. This table attempts to catalogue those changes.


British Rail Class 01/5

The British Rail Class 01/5 designation encompasses a variety of privately owned shunting locomotives that are passed to be operated on the British mainline railway system. The types of shunter issued numbers under this classification are generally designs which did not operate under British Rail or did not carry TOPS numbers. All 01/5 locomotives are 1.435 mm 4 ft 8 1 ⁄ 2 in gauge.


British Rail Class 41

There have been three distinct types of British Rail locomotive that are referred to as Class 41. British Rail Class 41 HST, 1972 prototype High Speed Train power cars British Rail Class 41 Warship Class, 1957-58 prototypes List of British Rail unbuilt locomotive classes#Type 4 locomotives, an unbuilt class proposed in the 1990s

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