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IBM 1712

The IBM 1712 Multiplexer and Terminal Unit was part of the IBM 1710 process control computer. The Terminal Unit provided the physical connections between factory wiring and the computer. The 1712 could support up to 300 separate wire pairs. Signal types supported included analog input, analog output, contact sense, contact operate, process branch indicators and process interrupts. Special terminal blocks supported thermocouple inputs. The Multiplexer would select which signal was connected to the IBM 1711 Data Converter.

IBM 8000

The IBM 8000 series was a proposed transistor-based successor to the IBM 7000 series. Important engineers on the project included Fred Brooks and Gerry Blaauw. The project plan for the 8000 series was presented by Fred Brooks in January, 1961. Despite some technical successes, the project became a political football, amid IBMs search for a unified product line. The project was canceled in 1961 by Bob Evans, supplanted by the successful System/360 series. The 8000 project may have seen the first use of the term "architecture" in relation to computers.

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