ⓘ Toyota IMV platform. The Toyota IMV platform is an automobile platform for SUVs, pickupslight trucks and passenger cars from Toyota. IMV stands for Innovative I ..


ⓘ Toyota IMV platform

The Toyota IMV platform is an automobile platform for SUVs, pickups/light trucks and passenger cars from Toyota. "IMV" stands for "Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle". It uses a ladder frame chassis construction.

IMV vehicles are either rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive 4WD can be either full-time or rear-based part-time. The front suspension is independent double-wishbone, while the rear suspension is half-dependent. Engines are mounted longitudinally.


1. Applications

  • 2004–2015 Toyota Innova / Kijang Innova AN40, also referred to as IMV5.
  • 2004–2015 Toyota Hilux AN10/AN20/AN30, also referred to as IMV1 Single Cab, IMV2 Extra Cab, IMV3 Double Cab.
  • 2015–present Toyota Fortuner / SW4 AN150/AN160
  • 2005–2015 Toyota Fortuner / Hilux SW4 AN50/AN60, also referred to as IMV4.
  • 2015–present Toyota Hilux AN120/AN130
  • 2015–present Toyota Innova / Kijang Innova AN140
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