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Anbaric Development Partners

Anbaric Development Partners is an American electric power transmission and microgrid development company located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. The company develops smart grid, renewable energy, and large-scale electric transmission projects which use high-voltage direct current technology for clients in the United States and internationally.

Bettery Inc.

BETTERY Inc. was a privately held company based in Portland, Oregon. It provided a retail store-based reusable battery exchange service to consumers. BETTERY kiosks or "Swap Stations" allow consumers to buy ready to use reusable AA or AAA batteries that can be used just like any other single use battery. Once drained, the batteries can be swapped for a fully tested and charged replacement. The company previously had placed five kiosks at Whole Foods Market locations in the Pacific Northwest and placed five additional kiosks at Whole Foods and Safeway stores in Seattle and Portland. The BET ...

Breakthrough Energy Coalition

Breakthrough Energy is a global group of 28 high net-worth investors from 10 countries committed to funding clean energy companies emerging from the initiatives of Mission Innovation, which was also announced at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Breakthrough Energy is the umbrella name for the originally announced Breakthrough Energy Coalition, and its venture arm Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

Clean Energy Act 2011

The Clean Energy Act 2011 was an Act of the Australian Parliament, the main Act in a package of legislation that established an Australian emissions trading scheme, to be preceded by a three-year period of fixed carbon pricing in Australia designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as part of efforts to combat global warming. The package was introduced by the Gillard Labor Government in February 2011 and was repealed by the Abbott Government on 17 July 2014, backdated to 1 July 2014.

Consumer green energy program

A consumer green energy program is a program that enables households to buy energy from renewable sources. By allowing consumers to purchase renewable energy, it simultaneously diverts the utilization of fossil fuels and promotes the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. In several countries with common carrier arrangements, electricity retailing arrangements make it possible for consumers to purchase "green" electricity from either their utility or a green power provider. Electricity is considered to be green if it is produced from a source that produces relatively littl ...

Crowd Farm

The Crowd Farm is a project conceived by MIT students Tad Juscyzk and James Graham and announced at the Holcim Forum 2007 awards ceremony. The goal of the project is to convert the energy of human movement in urban settings to energy suitable for consumer use. The conception began for Graham experiencing the 2003 New York City blackout and Juscyzk attending Bostons World Cup celebration in City Hall Plaza, as well by an "ingenious little device by Thomas Edison. When visitors came to his house, they passed through a turnstile that pumped water into his holding tank," says Graham. Examples ...

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