ⓘ West Chop is a residential area located in the town of Tisbury, Massachusetts on the north end of the island of Marthas Vineyard. It is a peninsula surrounded o ..


ⓘ West Chop

West Chop is a residential area located in the town of Tisbury, Massachusetts on the north end of the island of Marthas Vineyard. It is a peninsula surrounded on the north and west by Vineyard Sound and on the east by Vineyard Haven Harbor. A lighthouse, West Chop Light, stands at the north end of the chop. It is accessible by car from Vineyard Haven by two roads, Franklin Street and Main Street.

West chop has no obvious commercial businesses or stores, it is used to have its own zip code 02573 and seasonal post office but they were closed during the cutbacks at the USPS. It also has a private seasonal country club, West chop club, and nine-hole Golf course, mink meadows Golf club. There is also a small cemetery, at the cemetery in West Chop.

West Chop was a popular summer resort area since the late 19th century and was the summer home to many famous residents, including the Panama canal engineer General George Goethals, the President of Yale and Ambassador to great Britain, Kingman Brewster, United States Secretary of the air force James H. Douglas, Jr., composer George Chadwick.".

In the summer of 1888, the pier, the ship was completed in West Chop with regular steamship landings from the mainland, and during the 1890s the summer colony of the West Chop boasted two hotels, a bowling alley, Billiards room, tennis courts. although today there are only clubs, tennis courts and small private docks.

  • West Chop Light is a lighthouse station located at the entrance of Vineyard Haven Harbor in Tisbury, Massachusetts on the northern tip of West Chop a
  • The West Chop Club Historic District is a historic district in Tisbury, Massachusetts, on the island of Martha s Vineyard. The district represents a well - preserved
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