ⓘ Black Cap, mountain. Black Cap is a mountain located in the town of Conway, New Hampshire, United States. It is located between Kearsarge North Mountain and Pea ..


ⓘ Black Cap (mountain)

Black Cap is a mountain located in the town of Conway, New Hampshire, United States. It is located between Kearsarge North Mountain and Peaked Mountain. The rocky summit provides views of Maine and New Hampshires White Mountains.

Cranmore mountain resort is located on the Western subpeak, cranmore mountain.

Black cap is part of the North-South-trending ridge known as green hills. The next summit North along the ridge towards Kearsarge North 2.100-walking distance of 640 m the hurricane of the mountains, in the South-East-1.857-feet 566 medium m Black cap is located entirely in the basin of the SACO river, which flows into man the Atlantic ocean in the Bay near SACO, Maine. Tributaries of the SACO that flow off the mountain include artist brook to the West, Mason brook to the South, white lot brook to the Southeast, and weeks brook to the East.

Along the trail leading to the top of black cap from hurricane mountain, there are mountain bikes created by NEMBA New England mountain bike Association called red beacon. This trail descends further down black cap and Hurricane mountain. This allows near the intersection of Kearsarge street and Hurricane mountain road on the Western side of hurricane mountain.

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