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Sandia Formation

The Sandia formation is a geological formation in new Mexico. The formation was first named by C. L. Herrick in 1900 for the exposition in the Sandia mountains in new Mexico. It is also found in James, Sangre de Cristo and Manzano mountains, as w ...

Verdigris Formation

Education verdigris is a geological formation that outcrops in Illinois. It saves resources, to the Carboniferous period. This limestone, which was deposited after the Sandstone Skinner in Central Oklahoma.

Akron Formation

The formation of Akron is a geological formation in new York. It preserves fossils Dating from the Silurian period. The formation of the Akron first mottled dolomite. Section, type of murder Creek, Akron falls, Akron, state of new York.

Naobaogou Formation

Naobaogou formation is a geological formation in the mountains of Daqing in China. This is a Lopingian age. It consists of three rhythms of the precipitate marked members I and III, primarily purple siltstones, but each with a thick basal conglom ...

Exeter Group

Exeter group, Perm group lithostratigraphic, which occurs across East Devon in the South West of England. The name comes from Exeter, in Devon, which is in part the underlying rocks of this age.

Coconino Sandstone

The Coconino Sandstone is a geological formation named after its exposure in the County of Coconino, Arizona. This formation is distributed under the province of the Colorado plateau in the United States, including Northern Arizona, Colorado, Uni ...

Lyons Formation

Lyons Sandstone is a geological layer is formed during the Paleozoic era, in the middle of the Permian period about 250 million years ago. This layer is also called the formation of the Lyons. It is the result of fine-grained quartz sand dunes, c ...

Castle Hayne Limestone

The castle Hayne limestone is a geological formation in North Carolina. It consists of cobble, pebble-sized fragments, usually rounded, covered with phosphorite and glauconite in a matrix of limestone. The castle Hayne limestone of known fossils, ...

Kaibab Limestone

In Kaibab limestone is a durable rock formation, geological development of the Perm that the harvest in the US in Northern Arizona, southern Utah, Nevada, Central-Eastern and South-Eastern California. This is also known as the Kaibab formation in ...

Ocala Limestone

Period: Paleogene epoch: late Eocene faunal stage: late Clarkforkian to early Orellan absolute age: ~55.8 up to ~33.9 million, counting for approximately 21.9 million of years

Platteville Limestone

Platteville limestone of the Ordovician limestone formation in the sedimentary sequence characteristic of the Upper Midwestern United States. It is characterized by grey color, rough texture, and numerous minerals. The location is Platteville, Wi ...

Suwannee Limestone

I lost all hope lies in limestone Ocala limestone and is part of the intermediate confining system unit / aquifer. USGS

Boyue Cave

Boyue cave is a karst cave in lengshuijiang, Hunan, China. Located at the foot of the mountains Dacheng, it was one of the places shenmo television series 1986 journey to the West. Now it is a popular destination for cavers, hikers and active rec ...

Charles Town Cave

Charles town cave - also formerly known as Crystal lake cave and Lakeland cave - is located in the centre of Charlestown, West Virginia, USA. The entrance to the basement of a bakery and leads down to a passage about 175 feet in the big pool with ...

Cody Caves

In the Cody caves are a network of caves in the Selkirk mountains, British Columbia, Canada. They are 2 km North of Ainsworth hot springs on the Western shore of lake Kootenay. Discovered in the early 1890-ies, the caves became protected in July ...

Fisher Ridge Cave System

The system of the cave Fisher ridge is a system of caves situated in the County of HART, Kentucky, United States, near Mammoth cave national Park. As of February 2019 it was associated with the length 129.735 miles, making it the fifth longest ca ...

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