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Bach Air Yacht

The Bach air yacht was a trimotor airliner produced in the United States in the 1920-ies. Typical of his day, he was a high-wing braced monoplane with fixed tail gear. Unusual for aircraft of the late 1920s, the air yacht was built almost entirel ...

Navarro Chief

The head is a conventional chassis-the kitchen strut-braced, high wing aircraft. Has an upturned wings. The elevators are hinged at angles in an attempt to develop a spin-resistant aircraft. Ailerons and elevators were interconnected for roll con ...

Linke-Hofmann R.II

In the Linke-Hofmann R. I Have poor performance and handling, as well as structural weaknesses with both prototypes crashing. Linke-Hoffman took a radically different approach for their second Riesenflugzeug, the Linke-Hofmann R. great. R. II was ...


A convertiplane is determined by the Federation Aeronautique International as the aircraft that uses rotor power for vertical takeoff and landing and converts fixed-wing lift in normal flight. In the US it is classified as a subtype of an Elevato ...

Platz glider

The Platz glider was very simple though unusual, foldable duck glider has been designed and tested in Germany in the early 1920-ies. The glider ground to a certain design Rogallo more than two decades. But the decade of the 1920-ies was a device ...

Faradair Aerospace BEHA

In Beha there are three engine forward staggered Triplane with a cross-box by the tail and between the wings. Two main landing gear mounted in tandem with the expansion of the wing gearbox. Beha stands for bio-electric hybrid aircraft. One diesel ...

Castel-Mauboussin CM.7

Castel-sea see 7 high performance sailplane built in France in 1948 and used to create a large number of height and time of recording in the early 1950-ies. Conceived by the designer Robert Castello at his home in 1942, it was not until after the ...


Cat 28БП-Italian design-time license reason, the Dittmar Condor II high performance tandem two place Glider. Built in 1938, she was expecting that after the war, two seat Dittmar Condor IV and held the Italian national distance record for many years.

Delanne 20-T

Although sometimes described as a Tourer and on the other, incorrectly, as a fighter, the main task Delanne 20 t-to study the characteristics of the tandem wing Arsenal-Delanne 10, which was a fighter, more than 20 and more powerful, but aerodyna ...

Laville DI-4

Laville Di-4-a prototype of a double jet fighter developed in the USSR in the 1930-ies. Chief designer Henri Laville was one of several French aviation experts invited to work in the USSR and it is not surprising that Di-4, the layout was typical ...

Ross RS-1 Zanonia

Ross RS-1 Zanonia is a single seat, gull-winged glider that was designed and built in 1937 by Harland Ross for actor Harvey Stephens. The design was very successful, and the aircraft became the winner of several competitions, as well as many records.

Spalinger S.15

In Spalinger S. 15-Swiss, single seat training glider first flight in 1930. There were several options, one of which is commercially available only 15K S. 1934. One restored example remains active in 2019.

Teichfuss Borea

On the Borei or Teichfuss LT.35 Borei was an Italian high-performance glider designed by Luigi Teichfuss. It was completed by 1943, but never flown and the only example was destroyed during the German occupation of Italy.

Teichfuss Supergrifo

Design Supergrifo began as an attempt to improve Grifo, but turned into a much higher performance aircraft. Both models share the same fuselage in addition to the introduction of the enclosed cockpit, but the wing was completely new and much long ...

Teichfuss Turbine

On one of his regular visits to the German glider builders, Teichfuss watched the construction of high performance as Hans Jacobs DFS Reiher. The turbine construction began in 1938, was a high-performance machine that showed the influence of Jaco ...

Etrich VII

Data General characteristics Wingspan: 14.6 m 47 ft 11 in. Powerplant: 1 × Austro-Daimler 6 "b", 89 kW 120 HP. Length: 11.3 m-37 ft 1 in. Crew: 1. (Экипаж: 1) Wing area: 35 m 2 380 sq m.

NPO Molniya Molniya-1

In the Molniya-1 six-seater aircraft has three surface design is balanced with a forward canard surface and a square section fuselage with a Vedeneyev M14P nine cylinder radial engine at the rear. Two arrows wear fins with balanced and trim tabs ...

Schmeidler SN.2

In Schmeidler SN.2 was a low power, single plane seat, developed in Germany in the 1930-ies, to test the ability of the trailing edge of the wing extensions below the minimum flight speeds without high speed drag penalty.


Shavetail was an experimental American rocket developed in the 1950-ies. Is used to evaluate the rapidly developing technology of rocketry, eleven Shavetail rockets were released in 1959.

Lockheed X-17

Lockheed x-17 was a three stage solid-fuel research rocket to test the effects of high Mach in atmosphere. The first stage of the x-17 carried the rocket to a height of 17 miles before burning out. Then, as the rocket coast on momentum to about 1 ...

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