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List of Sciapus species

Additional species are listed by genus using the online databases: Sciapus ukrainensis Pollet, 2003. Unrecognized breeds: Ισαπόστολος, lat. aequalis Sciapus Becker, 1922. Sciapus palmetorum Doleschall, 1858 g. Derelictus Sciapus Walker, from 1856 ...

List of Smicronyx species

Smicronyx porrectus Boheman, 1843. Smicronyx pusio Leconte, 1876. Smicronyx albidosquamosus Klima, 1934. Smicronyx sensations in the course of Leconte, 1876 weevil red sunflower seeds. Smicronyx constrictus say, 1824. Smicronyx pinguis Blatchley, ...

List of Sphingidae species

This is a list of breeds for the family Sphingidae of moths, known as hawk-moths. This list contains all known species of Sphingidae in the order subfamily. There should be about 1.288 listed species. There are three subfamilies: Subfamily Smerin ...

List of Thrypticus species

Unrecognized breeds: Thrypticus coeruleocephalus Meigen, 1824 with. Thrypticus fulgidus fell from 1823. Thrypticus Fabricius minute, from 1805. Thrypticus decoratus Haliday, since 1832. Sublamellatus Thrypticus Macquart, since 1827. Thrypticus ob ...

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