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Fez III: Angry Wizard

Fez III: The Angry Wizard is a scenario for character levels 1-4. The wizard Fez transforms the heroes into monsters and sends them on a mission into a pyramid full of tricks and traps.

Fez IV: Wizards Revenge

Fez IV: Wizards Revenge is a scenario for character levels 3-8, a party of dwarves and elves. The two parties, aided by a young version of the time-traveling wizard Fez, must find two halves of a caduceus to save an older, dying Fez. The adventur ...

Fez V: Wizards Betrayal

Fez V: Wizards Betrayal is a scenario for character levels 4-8 mixing technology and magic. The adventurers spaceship crashes on a plateau inhabited by dwarves, orcs, et al. To escape and save the world, they must free Fez from the alien spaceshi ...

Fez VI: Wizards Dilemma

Fez VI: Wizards Dilemma is a scenario for character levels 4-6, the final entry in the Fez series. Fez the wizard is caught in a time paradox that may result in his ceasing to exist, and the adventurers must help him out of his predicament.

Final Challenge

Final Challenge is a solo scenario. Years ago, fighter Tel Elryn foolishly helped his friend Gwdion start on the road to black magic. Now Gwdion has returned as a powerful evil wizard, and it is up to Elryn to stop him before he brings the whole ...

Fortress Ellendar

Fortress Ellendar is an adventure in which the player characters are sent to retake Fortress Ellendar from the evil Dark Lord. Fortress Ellendar is a scenario in which the heroes must retake an eight-level desert fortress that has been conquered ...

Garden of the Plantmaster

Garden of the Plantmaster is a scenario set in a demonic garden in an alien world. The heroes must stop the demon who has taken control of the garden from releasing its monsters into the world. The adventure includes 20 new monsters.

In Search of New Gods

In Search of New Gods is a scenario for character levels 4-7, a quest to solve the mystery of a turncoat priest who had gone proselytizing to a foreign land, then returned home to convert his own followers to the foreigners new gods. There is als ...

In the Service of Saena Sephar

While attending Indiana University in the mid-1970s, Jeff C. Dillow designed a role-playing game which he later published as High Fantasy. In 1982, Reston Publishing released In the Service of Saena Sephar, a 164-page single-player adventure writ ...

A Jakallan Intrigue

A Jakallan Intrigue is an adventure in which player characters act in conjunction with several non-player characters acting as guards, assistants, etc., in the city of Jakalla.

The Keep (Mayfair Games)

The Keep is a scenario for character levels 9-12 based on the movie The Keep. The adventurers battle the evil of the Keep in the age of magic, in the Middle Ages, and in 1941 during the Nazi conquest of central Europe. The adventure has been divi ...

Lich Lords

Lich Lords is a scenario for character levels 12-16 involving an expedition into the catacombs of the buried city of Ool, accompanying a horrid group of rebel liches who want to overthrow their king. It includes new rules for wishes, high-level m ...

The Mines of Keridav

The Mines of Keridav is an adventure designed to be used with almost any fantasy role-playing system, including Chivalry & Sorcery, RuneQuest, and Dungeons & Dragons. The player characters attempt to travel through the valley of Tiraval to rescue ...


Moorguard is an adventure in which the player characters escape fierce nomads and enter a secret shrine made from the bones of an ancient god-king. Moorguard is a scenario, a quest for a legendary axe and shield with magical powers needed to help ...

Murder in Irliss

In 1978, Jeffrey Dillow and Craig Fisher designed a single-player role-playing game called High Fantasy. In 1982, Reston Publishing released Murder in Irliss, a 149-page adventure written by Jeffrey Dillow for the High Fantasy system. The solo sc ...

Nanorien Stones

Nanorien Stones is an adventure into the four Elemental Planes. It includes descriptions of 20 new monsters, each illustrated. According to the publisher it is also suitable for use with Dungeons & Dragons and Tunnels & Trolls. In this adventure, ...

The Nightmare Maze of Jigresh

The Nightmare Maze of Jigresh is Judges Guilds first approved play aid for Empire of the Petal Throne, an adventure that concerns the player characters quest into a temple of a long-dead priest.

Pinnacle (Mayfair Games)

Pinnacle is a scenario for character levels 4-5 involving a tournament where the challenge is to climb the Pinnacle, an unclimbable mountain. But the mountain is hollow, and an ancient secret waits inside. This adventure concerns a race to the to ...

The Plateau: Capital of Evil

The Plateau: Capital of Evil is a universal adventure for non-technological RPGs, in which players do not know which evil is about to take place, only that they must stop it.

Prisoners of the Maze

Prisoners of the Maze is a scenario for character levels 8-12, set in the World of Kalibruhn. The heroes must assassinate a mad tyrannical king. This it the first in the four-part "Maze of Zayene" series; Dimensions of Flight is the sequel.

Search for the Crystal Sword

Search for the Crystal Sword is a universal fantasy adventure in which the players have to compete with rivals to find and determine the ownership of the crystal sword.

The Shade of the Sinking Plain

The Shade of the Sinking Plain is a 1984 fantasy role-playing game adventure published by North Pole Publications for the Rolemaster role-playing game.

Shadows of Evil (Mayfair Games)

Shadows of Evil is composed of two scenarios for character levels 4-7, involving a cursed valley and evil "black" druids. The book includes details on Celtic and druids culture as well as new spells and magic items.


Shipwrecker is a scenario for character levels 4-7. The adventurers are hired to bring back a golden chalice stolen by a band of pirates. The book includes descriptions of a port town, goblin lair, and pirate caverns. In Shipwrecker, the player c ...

Starsilver Trek

Starsilver Trek is an approved supplement for DragonQuest, and this adventure allows a party of dwarves to visit the Frontiers of Alusia on a dwarven quest.

Swordthrust (Mayfair Games)

Swordthrust is a scenario for character levels 3-7. The book described a mountain village, a dwarven cavern, and a five-level ice dungeon hollowed out inside the head of a vast sleeping Ice Titan. In Swordthrust, the player characters are on a qu ...

Throne of Evil

Throne of Evil is a scenario for character levels 4-6 set in 12th-century England. The adventurers are involved in the intrigues of the Norman court, which leads to their being sent to penetrate Castle Wraithstone and kidnap the evil March Lord. ...

The Tomb Complex of Nereshanbo

The Tomb Complex of Nereshanbo is a 1984 fantasy role-playing game adventure published by Tekumel Games for Empire of the Petal Throne and Swords & Glory.

Tower Chaos

Tower Chaos is a scenario for character levels 9-12, third in the "Maze of Zayene" series. The heroes try again to assassinate mad King Orr, who is now protected in Tower Chaos. Dimensions of Flight proceeds this scenario; The Eight Kings is the ...

The Tower of Cirith Ungol and Shelobs Lair

The Tower of Cirith Ungol and Shelobs Lair is a 1984 fantasy role-playing game adventure published by Iron Crown Enterprises for Middle-earth Role Playing.

War of Darkness

War of Darkness is a scenario for characters levels 12-14 set during an invasion by an army of evil creatures. The heroes are sent on a mission to retake a small fortress, unaware that a great evil has moved into the caverns beneath it.


Araka-Kalai was the first supplement created for HarnMaster, written by Edwin King and Dave Kowan, with art by Eric Hotz. It was published in 1987 by Columbia Games as a 44-page book, with two center-bound cardstock character sheets.

The Arcanum (Atlantis)

The Arcanum is the first book in the Atlantis Trilogy, and can be used either as a role-playing game set in antediluvian Atlantis, or as a supplement to add an Atlantean setting to any fantasy role-playing game.

The Black Tower (Midkemia Press)

The Black Tower is an adventure in which raiders took over the castle a hundred years ago with the aid of sorcery but were themselves done in by the defenders magic, and now monsters and a horribly altered wizard from that battle still haunt the ...


Bloodchant was designed by Troy Christensen, with interior art by Amanda Dee, Mike Semsel and Mike Barnes, and cover art by Amanda Dee. The boxed set contains: 8.5" x 11" hex map 5.5" x 8.5" rulebook 8.5" x 11" world map a sheet of counters This ...

The Bronze Grimoire

The Bronze Grimoire is an 80-page softcover book designed by Ross Isaacs, Lynn Willis and Mark Morrison, with interior art by Ben Monroe and cover art by Charlie Crank. The book provides new and expanded rules for Elric!, focussing on runes, necr ...

Central Casting: Heroes of Legend

Central Casting: Heroes of Legend is a fantasy role-playing game supplement first published in 1988 by Task Force Games, with a second edition published in 1995.

Character Sheets

Character Sheets was written by Alan Hunter, and was published by Games Workshop in 1978 as 50-sheet pad. As Games Workshop expanded its publishing arm beyond White Dwarf and reprints of American products. among their first original products were ...

Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook

Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook introduces new characters classes and presents treatises on medieval hunting, economics, trade, military mobilization, medicine, and theories of magic.

The Chronicles of Talislanta

In 1982 Stephan Michael Sechi, Steven Cordovano and Vernie Taylor formed the company Bard Games to produce their own Dungeons & Dragons supplements. In 1986, due to personal and financial disagreements that arose after the publication of The Atla ...

Cities: A Gamemasters Guide to Encounters and Other Rules For Fantasy Games

The third edition was written by Stephen Abrams and Jon Everson, and follows a structure similar to the first two editions. The first section is still "Encounters", although the number and type of encounters has been expanded. The second section, ...

The City of Carse

The City of Carse was written by Stephen and April Abrams, with additional material by Lynn Willis. It is not designed for a specific role-playing game, so that the gamemaster can adapt it to any role-playing system. Three editions were published ...

Citybook I: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

In 1981, Flying Buffalo conceived of the Catalyst series of universal role-playing games aid that could be adapted to any role-playing game system; Grimtooths Traps was the first such publication. The following year, Flying Buffalo published City ...

Citybook III: Deadly Nightside

Citybook III: Deadly Nightside is a 96-page softcover book, part of Flying Buffalos Catalyst series of universal role-playing game supplements that can be adapted to any role-playing game system. It was edited by Michael A. Stackpole, with contri ...

Citybook VII: Kings River Bridge

Citybook VII: Kings River Bridge was part of the Catalyst line of game supplements. Each book in the series, which began with CityBook: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker, presents a fictional business in a fantasy game world including a layout fo ...

Companion Pieces: Fantasy Furnishing

Companion Pieces: Fantasy Furnishing is a set of three 8 1/2" by 11" black-on-white sheets with self-stick backing, shrink-wrapping in an 11" by 17" folded card cover. They were designed to be pressed on cardboard then be cut out.

The Compleat Alchemist

Bard Games was formed in 1982 by Steven Cordovano and Stephan Michael Sechi to market generic fantasy role-playing supplements that could be adapted for any game system. Their first product was a 46-page softcover book called The Compleat Alchemi ...

The Compleat Fantasist

The Compleat Fantasist provides guidelines on how to convert the major fantasy role-playing systems of the day to each other, including Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, RuneQuest, Tunnels & Trolls, and Arduin Grimoire.

The Compleat Tavern

The Compleat Tavern features guidelines on tavern accommodations, employees, and clientele, as well as rules of running games of skill and chance, and a system for barroom brawls.

The Cyclopedia Talislanta

The Cyclopedia Talislanta, by Stefan Michael Sechi and with cover art by P.D. Breeding-Black, is the fifth supplement about the world of Talislanta. Information includes New character types new monsters, animals, and plants new skills and abiliti ...