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The Black Family

The black family is a professional wrestling face / technical stable that works in AAA since 2000. Originally a heel / Rudo stable, the black family currently consists of original dark members Cuervo, as well as the later additions of dark Ozz, a ...

Los Capos

Los Capo was in a Lucha Libre stable consisting of CIEN Caras, mascara of the year 2000 and Universo 2000, and at one point also included Apolo Dantes. Los Capos is also often referred to as Los hermanos Dinamita when working without Apolo Dantes ...

Los Gringos Locos

Los gringos Locos was in a Lucha Libre stable in assistance Asesoria y administration. Initially, a stable team composition Eddie Guerrero and art Barr.

La Legion Extranjera

La Legion Extranjera was a major help, Asesoria y administration of the heel group, though loosely affiliated. It was to do everything at one time and non-scheduled foreign heels, working as Konnans mercenaries, and a number of AAA regular Rudos. ...

Los Oficiales

The original Los-Mexican group was the concept created by AAA owner Antonio peña which opened in 1996. Los Mexican originally consisted of a guard, Oficial and vigilante, three fighters, dressed as a motorcycle police with batons and helmets that ...

Los Perros del Mal

Los Perros del Mal was a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling group stable, originally competing in the Conejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in the world of Lucha Libre AAA. The name of the game in the name of the founder of the group, the youngest Perro Aguay ...

Real Fuerza Aerea

Real Fuerza coast was a Mexican professional wrestling group, or stable, active in the Mexican professional wrestling promotion assistance, Asesoria y administration and consists of young tecnicos who use a high flying, high risk style of wrestling.

La Secta (professional wrestling)

The original stable was formed for the shares the number one Cibernetico Rudo and was known as La Secta Cibernetica game words like "sect Cibernetico" and "cyber-sect" in English. The band was formed in late 2005, when Cibernetico together with t ...

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