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Previously, the species of this genus was a part of another Baikalian genus Pallasea, which was recently divided into several independent genera, including genus Babr.


Balssipotamon is a genus of freshwater crabs found in Vietnam. Data are incomplete on their IUCN Red list status of threatened species, but B. fruehstorferi is considered vulnerable.


Brandtia is a monotypic genus of amphipod in the family Acanthogammaridae containing species Brandtia drugs. Like other members of the family, is endemic to lake Baikal. It is omnivorous at depths of 1-65 m among the stones. It is up to 1.9 cm in ...


Cancrocaeca xenomorpha is a species of troglobitic freshwater crabs of Sulawesi, the only species in monotypic genus Cancrocaeca. He has been described as the worlds "most highly cave-adapted types of cancer."

Caridina cf. cantonensis var. blue tiger

Caridina cantonensis VAR. blue Tiger and blue tiger shrimp is a variety of freshwater shrimp from Southeast Asia, which are popular in the aquarium hobby. Natural color shrimp blue color of varying intensity, with black "tiger" stripes along its ...


Dalatomon is a genus of freshwater crabs, named after the district of Dalat, where he is in Vietnam. Data are insufficient regarding their IUCN Red list status of threatened species.


Eosamon paludosum Rathbun, 1904. Eosamon brousmichei Rathbun, 1904: Vietnam. Eosamon tumidum wood-Mason, 1871. Eosamon nominathuis Yeo 2010. Smithianum Eosamon Kemp, 1923. Eosamon boonyaratae Naiyanetr, 1987. Eosamon phuphanense Naiyanetr, 1992. ...


Esanthelphusa denchaii Naiyanetr, 1984. Esanthelphusa dugasti Rathbun, 1902: Laos, Thailand, Vietnam. Esanthelphusa Nani Naiyanetr, 1984. Esanthelphusa Chiang NG and Naiyanetr, 1993. Esanthelphusa Phetchaburi NG and Naiyanetr, 1993. Esanthelphusa ...

Gammarus pulex

Gammarus pulex is a species of amphipod crustacean found in fresh water across much of Europe. It is a greyish animal, growing up to a length of 21 mm.

Geosesarma dennerle

Geosesarma dennerle is a species of Small land-living crabs, which is located on the island of Java, Indonesia. It is popular in the aquarium trade, where it is sometimes called "Geosesarma" the vampire” Vampirkrabbe" or "Geosesarma SP." Blue” Va ...

Geosesarma hagen

Geosesarma Hagen is a species of small land crabs, found in Java, Indonesia. Crabs-dark-brown chelae and part of the carapace to be bright orange in adults. It is popular in the aquarium trade, where it is sometimes called "Geosesarma red devil" ...

Geosesarma larsi

Geosesarma Larsi is a species of small Land-living highland crab found in the Western Sarawak, Borneo. Adults have a carapace width of 12-15 mm and may be purplish-red color that distinguishes them from other species of the genus Geosesarma in Bo ...

Geosesarma malayanum

Geosesarma malayanum the form of small red crabs found in Malaysia. It is famous for its relationship with the pitcher plants, as such, it is classified as nepenthephile. G. malayanum is known to visit Nepenthes ampullaria plants and RAID the pit ...


Hainanpotamon is a genus of freshwater crabs, containing the following species: Hainanpotamon Directum Company Yeo & Naruse 2008. Hainanpotamon Auriculatum Yeo & Naruse 2008. Hainanpotamon Glabrum Dang, 1967. Fuchengense Hainanpotamon Dai, 1995. ...


Xinpingense Indochinamon Dai & Bo, 1994. Indochinamon chinghungense. The Indochinamon tritum Alcock, 1909. Indochinamon hispidum wood-Mason, 1871. Indochinamon menglaense Dai & Cai, 1998. Indochinamon bavi Naruse, Nguyen & e, 2011. Kimboiense Ind ...

Macrobrachium agwi

Macrobrachium Agwi is a species of freshwater shrimp that was first described in 2008, endemic to the Himalayas. He was discovered when there was a shipment of ornamental shrimp intended for the aquarium are sourced from behar, West Bengal, India ...

Macrobrachium assamense

Macrobrachium assamense is a species of freshwater shrimp that was first described in 1958. M. assamense light brown to dark brown and are found in Asia.

Macrobrachium lamarrei

Macrobrachium lamarrei is widely known as Indian whisker shrimp, kuncho river prawn is a nocturnal species of freshwater shrimp found Biratnagar, Nepal.

Macrobrachium lar

Macrobrachium lar is a species of freshwater shrimp found throughout the Indo-West Pacific, from East Africa to the Marquesas Islands and was first described in 1798. This species occurs in rivers and streams near sea level.

Macrobrachium malcolmsonii

Macrobrachium malcolmsonii is an omnivorous bottom fresh water shrimp. The common name of this shrimp is the monsoon river prawn. It feeds on decaying plants and animals, small worms, insects and their larvae. They are also cannibalistic in natur ...


Mekhongthelphusa tetragona Rathbun, 1902. Mekhongthelphusa Brandti Bott, 1968: Thailand, Vietnam. Mekhongthelphusa neisi Rathbun, 1902: Vietnam. Mekhongthelphusa kengsaphu Naiyanetr & NG, 1995.


Nanhaipotamon is a genus of freshwater crabs in the subfamily Potamiscinae, found in southern China and Taiwan. In 2018, 18 species have been described. The genus is named in honor of the South China sea, mostly found in coastal areas.


Neolarnaudia is a genus of freshwater crabs in the subfamily Potamiscinae and found in Vietnam. Data are insufficient regarding their IUCN Red list status of threatened species.


Pallaseidae a family of amphipod crustaceans, endemic to lake Baikal. Some species are also found in the Angara river that flows out of lake Baikal, and one species is distributed throughout Northern Palearctic. Family composition is the subject ...

Parasesarma erythrodactyla

Parasesarma erythrodactyla, also known as red-handed shore crab, is a burrowing crab inhabiting mangrove forests in Australia and South-East Asia. It is immediately recognizable by its bright red chelipeds and green / brown Carapace. Distribution ...


Yunnanensis Potamiscus Kemp, 1924. Let rongjingensis Potamiscus, G H. Chen, J B. Liu, Luo, Yi, Z H. Liu, GU & S H. Liu, 1990. Decourcyi Potamiscus Kemp, 1913. Dai motuoensis Potamiscus, 1990. Dai cangyuanensis Potamiscus, 1999. Potamiscus annanda ...


Sayamia is a genus of freshwater crabs found in Southeast Asia. Three species included in the list of least concerns arthropods, but S. melanodactylus is under threat of extinction.


Tiwaripotamon xiurenense Dai & Naiyanetr, 1994. Tiwaripotamon austenianum wood-Mason, 1871. Tiwaripotamon annamense Balss, 1914. Tiwaripotamon pingguoense Dai & Naiyanetr, 1994. Tiwaripotamon vixuyenense Shi and to do 2014. Tiwaripotamon araneum ...


Vietopotamon is a genus of freshwater crabs recorded from Thailand and Vietnam. As you know, one of the settlements on the IUCN red list of threatened species.


Villopotamon is a genus of freshwater crabs recorded from Thailand and Vietnam. Data are insufficient regarding their IUCN Red list status of threatened species.

Cherax pulcher

Cherax pulcher is the species of crayfish from the province of West Papua in Indonesia. It is popular as a freshwater aquarium in Asia, Europe and North America.

Diogenes heteropsammicola

Diogenes heteropsammicola is a species of hermit crab found during sampling in the period between 2012 and 2016 in the shallow waters of the Japanese Islands of Amami. This D. heteropsammicola strongly associated with walking corals. This hermit ...


Heikegani crab is native to Japan, with a shell that has a pattern resembling a human face which many believed to be the face of an angry samurai hence the nickname samurai crab. It is locally believed that these crabs are reincarnations of our c ...

Ligidium japonicum

Ligidium japonicum is a species of woodlouse found in moist forests of Japan. People can live up to two years and reach a length of 8 millimeters.

Mictyris guinotae

Mictyris guinotae is a species of hermit crab of the genus Mictyris, endemic to the Ryukyu Islands in Japan. They were named in honour of Daniele Guinot, Professor at the Museum national dhistoire naturelle in France, and for the first time be tr ...

Sakura shrimp

Lucensosergia lucens is a species of shrimp known as Sakura shrimps or Sakura EBI. Translucent pink shrimp got its name from Sakura, the Japanese word for cherry blossom. There are about 4-5 cm long and lives mainly in Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Pref ...

List of freshwater fauna of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island off the southern tip of India, in a tropical environment. Freshwater fauna is as large as it is spread on other regions of the world. There are about two thousand species of arthropod in the world, and still it is counting ...

Bythotrephes longimanus

Longimana of Bythotrephes, or the spiny water flea, is a planktonic crustacean less than 15 millimetres. It grows in fresh waters of Northern Europe and Asia, but were accidentally introduced and are widely distributed in the Great lakes region o ...

Cercopagis pengoi

Cercopagis pengoi, or the fishhook waterflea, is a species of planktonic crustaceans Rachkov snouters, which is native in the brackish fringes of the Black sea and the Caspian sea. In recent decades it has spread as an invasive species for some f ...

Chirocephalus diaphanus

Chirocephalus diaphanus is a widespread European species fairy shrimp that lives so far North in the UK, where he is the only surviving species of fairy shrimp and is protected under the wildlife and countryside act 1981. The animal is translucen ...

Daphnia longispina

Daphnia longispina is the planktonic crustaceans of the family Daphniidae, and Rachkov snouters fresh water Daphnia. It is native to Eurasia. D. longispina similar in size and sometimes confused with the often sympatric D. pulex, but much less th ...

Gammarus roeseli

Gammarus roeseli is a species of freshwater amphipods in Europe. G. roeseli successful invasive species due to their high rate of reproduction, tolerance to changing environmental conditions and a unique anti-predation characteristics.

Hemimysis anomala

The bloody-red mysid, Hemimysis Marina, is a shrimp-like crustacean in the Mysida order, native to the Ponto-Caspian region, which extends across Europe from the 1950-ies. In 2006, he was discovered, captured the North American Great lakes.

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