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Norman Anonymous

Anonymous Norman is the name given to the author of the collection of treatises, treatise Eboracenses, dealing with the relationship between kings and the Catholic Church, written C. 1100. The author, whose identity remains a mystery, offered som ...

Hualin Temple (Fuzhou)

The Hualin temple is a Buddhist temple located in Gulou district, Fuzhou, Fujian province. After the introduction of Zen Buddhism to Japan from China in the era of the song dynasty, the architectural style of the song dynasty to have a deep impac ...

Thầy Temple

Thầy Chùa Buddhist temple in Quốc OAI district, Vietnam. The temple is also known as "Thiên Phuc Tu". The temple was founded in the 11th century during the reign of Emperor Nhan Tong dynasty Lee. It is dedicated to the Vietnamese Thiền master Tu ...


Ryōhō-JI-Buddhist temple associated with Nichiren-In, located in the city of Hachioji in Western Tokyo, Japan. The name of the Mountain 松栄山. The Hachioji temple among the Shichifukujin pilgrimage 八王子七福神めぐり, and enshrines the goddess B ...

Meidaizhao Monastery

Meidaizhao convent or monastery Tibetan Buddhist temple located in snub right banner, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.

Yagang Lhakhang

Yagang Lhakhang, Bhutan Mongar. Yagang Lhakhang, located in a village on the outskirts of Mongar was built in the 16th century by Sangdag, the youngest son of PEMA Lingpa, the famous terton. This temple is famous for its collection of religious t ...

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