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SantAgnese, Padua

SantAgnese 14th-century Roman Catholic Church located on the former via SantAgnese street corner Dante in the city of Padova in the Veneto region, Italy. The Church is not operating in the 1949s, was sold in 2011 for conversion to residential units.

SantAgostino, Cremona

Churches we see laid before the Church of San Giacomo in Braida, built between 1339 and 1345. Further refurbishment of the interior occurred in 1553 and again in 1664. After joining a solitary image of the monastery of Augustinian monks, the Chur ...

SantAgostino, Fossombrone

Comfortable rooms of the Romanesque style Roman Catholic Church in the center of Fossombrone, Le Marche, Italy. The Church was built in the 14th century, and the façade still has elements of ancient Roman architecture. However, the Church was ren ...

Church of Saint Agrippina

SantAgrippina is a Roman Catholic Church building in the town of Mineo, province of Catania, Sicily, dedicated to Saint Agrippina of Mineo, sometimes known as Saint Agrippina.

SantAnna, Spello

This chapel was originally the prayer hall or the oratory is a medieval flagellant brotherhood dei disciplinati Di-Anne, who, as you know, worked alongside hospital with 1362. Hospital and brotherhood seems to have been suppressed in 1571, and br ...

SantAnna, Piacenza

A small Church at a place called Santa Maria di Betlem was associated with the nearby monastery of the Umiliati. In 1334, the property passed to the Serfs, nuns, who restored the structure and the devotees of St. Annes Church. She stayed with thi ...

Oratory of SantAntonio Abate, Pescia

Eloquence SantAntonio abate is of the 14th century, the Roman Catholic prayer hall is located in via di San Francesco, near the convent of the same name and now the hospital Cosmas and Damian, in Pescia, in Tuscany, Italy.

Chiesa dell Ave Gratia Plena, Guardia Sanframondi

Ul. Gratia captivity, also called the Church of the Santissima Annunciata, is a Roman Catholic Church located in the heart of the Croce of the city of Guardia Sanframondi, province of Benevento, region Campania, Italy. Latin Ave Gratia captivity ...

Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi

For the church with same name in Siena, see Santa Maria dei Servi, Siena Santa Maria dei Servi is a Roman Catholic Basilica in Bologna, Italy. It was founded in 1346, as the Church of the Servite community, the virgin Mary and was designed by And ...

San Carlo, San Gemini

This small 15th-century Church was built to protect the local aedicule of the virgin, and the structure was once dedicated to Santa Maria de Incertis, but was later re-consecrated by the Bishop of Milan, later Saint cardinal Carlo Borromeo, who o ...

San Cataldo,Esanatoglia

Eremo di San Cataldo is located in the Roman Catholic Church and the Hermitage complex perched on a steep rocky ledge outside the town of Esanatoglia, the province of Macerata in the Marche region, Italy. The site is dedicated Catald article.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Brno

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is located on the Petrov hill in the centre of Brno in the Czech Republic. It is a national cultural monument and one of the most important architectural monuments in southern Moravia. The interior is mostly ...

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Hradec Kralove

Holy spirit Cathedral-the main Church of the diocese of Hradec králové in the Czech Republic, as well as the site of the present Bishop of the diocese of Ians vocals. This late Gothic brick Cathedral with two towers located in the southwest corne ...

Cesena Cathedral

The Cathedral of Cesena, is a Roman Catholic Cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist in Cesena, Italy. He was the Episcopal residence of the current diocese of Cesena-Trent since 1986, and was previously that of the diocese of Cesena. The b ...

Santa Chiara, Camerino

Santa Chiara is a Roman Catholic Church and convent in Camerino, province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy. It is located near the Old city walls, and is best known for housing in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, Clarissan nun, Saint Cami ...

San Domenico, Recanati

San Domenico is a Roman Catholic Church located on Piazza Giacomo Leopardi No. 3 in the city center of Recanati in the province of Macerata in the Marche region, Italy.

Collegiata di San Donato, Montefano

The Church on the site is documented 1308. The present brick congregational Church was built in 1768 when it was built in the Baroque style. Brick facade is muted and traditional two the history of the Church in front of the pilasters. The latera ...

San Donnino a Villamagna

San Donnino is a Romanesque Roman Catholic Church of Pieve is located in frazione Pineto, in the municipality of bagno a Ripoli in the city Florence, Tuscany, Italy. The temple was founded in the 8th century and rebuilt before the 14th century.

Sant Francesc, Xàtiva

San Francisco is in the Gothic style, Roman Catholic Church, located in the ports de San Francisco #10 in Cribs, Valencia, Spain. The Church was built in the second half of the 14th century, near the Franciscan monastery. It consists of a single ...

San Francesco, Correggio

San Francesco is a Roman Catholic Church located on via Roma in the city centre of Correggio, the province of Modena, region Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

San Francesco delle Favete, Apiro

San Francesco Delle Favete is the Roman Catholic Church, located a few kilometers from the old town of Apiro, province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy.

San Francesco, Pievebovigliana

The Church was built in the 14th century, but together with the adjoining monastery has undergone many reconstructions. Behind the apse is a bell tower. The Church has corner buttresses and has a wooden roof is connected, and has a 19th-century v ...

San Francesco, Treia

The Church was built inside the city walls in 1300. It was reconstructed from the 17th to the 18th century, using the project of the architect Giovanni Battista Rusca. The original Church, the nave walls were probably covered with frescoes, of wh ...

San Giorgio, Campobasso

San Giorgio-antique, in the style of Romanesque architecture, the Roman Catholic Church on the hill-the city of Campobasso, in the province of the same name, Molise, Italy.

San Giovanni in Canale, Piacenza

The Dominican order arrived in Piacenza in 1220 and donations from those who live near the Rio Beverora and Vincenzo Kamuchchini larger image of the presentation in the temple.

San Girolamo, Cingoli

The small Church reminds of the original shelter in 1327 Esuperanzio Lambertazzi, Bishop of Comacchio. The interiors are now all naked, and was renovated in 1678, and in 1902, the facade was restored by Filippo Marchese Castiglioni with the drawi ...

Isernia Cathedral

Cathedral of Isernia is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in the city of Isernia, Italy, the seat of the Bishop of Isernia-venafro. It is dedicated to the Apostle Peter. The Cathedral is in Piazza Andrea in the Old town of Isernia, and stands on the sit ...

San Leone, Pistoia

San Leone, Once called the oratory or Church of Santo Spirito is a small Baroque Church located near the Vivarelli Colonna in Siena, Tuscany, Italy. In 2017, the completed restoration of the frescoes of the Baroque era in the apse and ceilings.

San Lorenzo, Mortara

The Church was designed and built by Bartolino da Novara between 1375 and 1380. Restoration took place in 1840, and again in 1916. Unfinished brick façade contains a Central rose window and side arched Windows on the sides of the buttresses that ...

Lucera Cathedral

Lucera Cathedral is the Cathedral of Lucera, Apulia, Italy. Initiation is the assumption of the virgin Mary, but it is also widely known as Santa Maria della Vittoria from the statue of the Madonna is kept here. It is the seat of the Bishop of Lu ...

Sanctuary of the Madonna de Piternis, Cervaro

The sanctuary of the Madonna de Piternis is a Roman Catholic Church near the town of Cervaro, at the foot of Monte Aquilonia, province of Frosinone, in the Lazio region, Italy.

Madonna del Carmine, Marsico Nuovo

Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine is a Roman Catholic Church located in Via Raia Western Switzerland in the town of Marsico Nuovo, province of Potenza, region Basilicata, Italy.

Madonna di Pie di Piazza, Pescia

Church of the Madonna di pie Di Piazza, originally called the chapel of San Pietro e Paolo 15th century in the Renaissance style, Roman Catholic prayer hall located at the southern end of Piazza Grande in Pescia, in Tuscany, Italy.

San Marco Evangelista, Osimo

The Church on the website dedicated to the Evangelist St. Mark, built in the 14th century the Augustinian order, adjacent to their monastery, later becoming a Director of a hospital for the poor. The Church underwent restoration after the Church ...

Santa Maria Assunta, Ussita

The Santa Maria Assunta Romanesque and Gothic-style Roman Catholic Church located in the city of Ussita province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy.

Santa Maria della Misericordia, Correggio

Santa Maria della Misericordia is a Roman Catholic Church located on via Santa Maria near Piazza Garibaldi in the city centre of Correggio, the province of Modena, region Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The current Church and is currently closed.

Santa Maria Incoronata, Naples

Santa Maria dellIncoronata-the ancient Church on via Medina in Naples, Italy. It is located South of San Giorgio dei Genovesi and across the street from Church of the pietà dei Turchini. The Church was built in the 14th century as part of urban p ...

Santa Maria Maggiore, Alatri

Santa Maria Maggiore is a Church in Alatri, Lazio, Central Italy. It was founded in the 5th century, on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Venus, although first mentioned in 1137. It was later reconstructed in Romanesque and Gothic addit ...

San Martino, Spello

San Martino is the 12th century Roman Catholic Church located in the terziere of Pusterula in Spello, in the province of Perugia, region Umbria, Italy.

San Michele e San Francesco, Carmignano

San Michele and San Francesco in the Renaissance style, the Roman Catholic parish Church located on the square of the SS Francesco e Michele in Carmignano, province of Prato, region Tuscany, Italy. He is best known for housing Jacopo Pontormo alt ...

Santi Michele e Paolo, Montieri

The Church on the site dedicated to St. Michael and St. Paul, is described from the 13th century. Archangel Michael, the patron Saint of high and inaccessible places, was the patron of the city since 1540. Built inside the medieval walls, the pre ...

Old Cathedral of Salamanca

The old Cathedral is one of two cathedrals in Salamanca, Spain, another new Cathedral of Salamanca. The two cathedrals are joined together.

Oratory of St John the Baptist, Urbino

Chapel. John the Baptist is of the 14th century, a small chapel or prayer hall is located in via Francesco Barocci, in Urbino, region Marche, Italy. The oratorio is best known for its late Gothic cycle of frescoes in the style of 1416 brothers Lo ...

San Pietro, Leonessa

The Church was once part of the Augustinian monastery. The present Church was built on top of the old structure of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which has become a tomb. The Church is now owned by Fondo turmoil game is fixed. The docume ...

San Pietro, Cento

The construction of the Church began before 1300 years, and it was the second oldest parish in Cento. He was initially attached to the Franciscans. In 1749 he became a parish Church, a role which for some time he shared with the nearby Church of ...

St. Jakobus, Rudesheim

St. Jacobus is a Catholic Church and a former parish in Rudesheim am Rhein, Hesse, Germany. It dates back to the 10th century, was enlarged about the year 1400, and again in 1913 / 14. The Church was badly damaged by bombing during the Second Wor ...

San Pedro (Cordoba)

The building, believed to be located on top of the previous buildings housing the remains of the Cordoban martyrs Januarius, and martial Faust, Dating from the 4th century ad. After the conquest of the city by king Ferdinand III of Castile in 123 ...

San Secondo (Magnano)

The Church of San Secondo Di Magnano is built on a wide open space near dIvrea Serra, close to the monastic community of Bose, in the town of Magnano, Italy. This is one of the most interesting examples of Romanesque architecture in the Province ...

Basilica of San Vicente

Basilica de Los Santos Hermanos Martires, Vicente, Sabina Cristeta g, known as the Basilica of San Vicente Church in Avila, Spain. This is one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in the country.

Sant’Antonio Abate, Cascia

The monastery was founded by the Benedictine order and the Church with frescoes of the 14th century with frescoes of the artist or artists known as the master of the assumption, depicting the life of St. Anthony. The second series of frescoes dep ...

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